Tangent can help with the prevention of virus contamination with SmartShield. SmartShield is a water-based spray developed with cutting-edge technology, that creates an antimicrobial barrier on any surface it is sprayed on for a year or longer. Just one coat of SmartShield sprayed on porous or hard surfaces seals out mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria. SmartShield is odorless, colorless, and approved by the EPA. Available in three sizes, SmartShield is a smart buy for personal or industrial use. Application is quick and easy involving a two-step process. Step one, spray on desired surface. Two, wait for three minutes for it to set. Smart-Shield, antimicrobial spray is safe on tools, carpets, fabric, and anywhere you may be exposed to unwanted microbes. There are no corrosive or toxic chemicals in SmartShield. The usage is endless, and you’ll have peace of mind with added health protection. It pays to be extra cautious with your health, especially during cold and flu season. SmartShield is a smart addition to your arsenal against the cold and flu viruses. SmartShield’s technology is advanced, the application is simple, and one coat lasts 90 days.

The “Superhero” SmartShield™ by Tangent


In the wake of the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus outbreak in China to be a global public health emergency, Tangent Computer Inc. has reaffirmed its commitment to creating an anti-bacterial working environment by reintroducing SmartShield™ Antimicrobial Spray into its product line.

SmartShield™  has previously been described by Tangent,”Just one coat of SmartShield sprayed on porous or hard surfaces seals out mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria. SmartShield™ is odorless, colorless, and approved by the EPA.”

SmartShield™ Antimicrobial Spray is an EPA approved, non-toxic, water-based cleaning agent that mitigates the growth of bacteria on surfaces it is applied to. One coating of SmartShield™ can last up to 90 days on surfaces it is applied and sets completely within three to five minutes.

SmartShield™ kills disease-causing microbes in a similar fashion to traditional antimicrobial wipes. However, whereas microbes can begin breeding and repopulating a surface shortly after being cleaned with wipes, surfaces treated with SmartShield™ are safe from microbe growth for up to 90 days.

SmartShield™ comes in three convenient sizes for nearly every surface size:

  • 3 oz. Spray covers 8 sq ft.
  • 32 oz. Spray covers 80 sq ft.
  • 8 oz. Concentrate; makes 1 gallon and can cover 1,200 sq ft

This same antimicrobial element is not new to Tangent, as it is present on all their (current) medical devices. SmartShield™’s proven formula is the next line of defense against the Coronavirus for healthcare and commercial facilities such as schools, libraries and restaurants, as well as any place that is threatened to dangerous microbes.

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