• Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk
    Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk

    Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk
    Fever Detection
    Attendance Logging
    Face Detection 4" - 13"
    Dual Lense Depth Sensor
    AI Driven Camera

Thermal Camera for Fever Detection

As stay at home orders lift and business reopen around the country, keeping your customers and employees safe is still every business’s top priority. Tangent’s Temperature Detection Kiosk helps keep both customers and employees safe by ensuring that their risk of encountering a potentially ill person is minimized. The Temperature Detection Kiosk uses thermal camera-based technology to determine if an entering patron’s temperature exceeds your preset temperature range.

Tangent’s Temperature Detection Kiosks helps ensure the health of both your patrons and employees. Designed for medical, long term care, corporate, industrial, and restaurant use, our temperature scanner kiosk is perfect for keeping every environment safe. Our thermal camera kiosk acts as a perfect gate keeper by sensing the temperature of everyone who passes by its sensors, alerting you with an auditory (or silent) alarm to anyone above a temperature threshold.

Heatview Contactless Temperature Kiosk

Tangent’s Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosks combine high-performance hardware with an industrial-class thermal camera to provide infrared thermal imaging for temperature detection and alerts. The T1 supports automatic remote alerts and alarms for body temperatures over your preset thresholds. The T1 provide expansion for IC card and fingerprint readers supporting gate security and attendance systems. Tangent’s Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk provides a safe, cost-effective and efficient access control system for customers and employees.

Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk

Ground Stand Full-height

Scan at eye-level.

Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk

Ground Stand Mid-height

Designed to accommodate children.

Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk

Counter-Top Base

For Reception desk and visitor areas.

Heatview Temperature Detection Kiosk

VESA Standard

Optional VESA bracket for versatile mounting


• Industrial Grade Infrared Thermal Camera
• 2M Camera with LED flashlight
• 8” Screen w/ thermal detection & Facial Recognition
• 800×1280, IPS LCD panel
• Built-in Speaker for Alerts
• Ethernet / WiFi
• Software & Updates
• Wall & Gate Mountable
• Pole-mount Bracket Included
• Ground Stand / Optional Desktop Base
• AI Facial Recognition Support
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