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Boost Mobile – Pro Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Mobile Phones in 2020



Mobile phones can be cited as one of the most revolutionary inventions invented by humans. It is handy, small and convenient enough. Saying this won’t be wrong that it has become an essential part of our daily lives.

It enables us to chat, to talk, to connect, to discuss, to have fun and to socialize ourselves with our fellow human beings. It is a source of learning and enlightenment.

The first mobile phone, the “Motorola DynaTAC 800x” launched in 1984 could only provide a talk time of 30 minutes before dying but as we advance our lives in the 21st century.

We come across another generation of mobile phones which are now labeled as smartphones. The smartphones are a result of sophisticated technology and almost allow us to do everything from talking to socializing.

These phones not only come with pre-installed programs and applications but also allow us to install our desired applications in them.

But with heaps of installed apps, the phone starts becoming sluggish and a nuisance. It starts to get slower day by day.

Now, we may blame pre-installed applications that were already installed or which we installed, our pictures, videos, music, etc. for causing all this trouble (which may be true) but another key factor also works behind.

The junk and the useless data which gets collected every day is also another cause behind your phone’s slack performance.

Consider a well-trained athlete who hasn’t raced for some time and as a result of which, is showing a diminished performance.

Now if he’s genuinely concerned about his performance, he will try his very best to get his way around and look for the solutions to “boost” up his speed.

Similarly, if you are worried about the flat speed and performance of your phone, this article can help you with it.


Why Should I Boost Mobile Phones?

Imagine waking up late just on the day you have a presentation at your office. Now you rush and double up everything but the moment you try to book that cab, your phone gets stuck.

You get to your office late, with your boss being mad at you. Certainly, no one likes to put him or herself in a situation like this neither do you. What’s the solution then? The answer is ‘Boosting’.

Boosting or speeding up your mobile is a regular job that you should d at regular intervals. The following are some useful tips which you can use to enhance your phone’s speed.

  • Cache Clearing: Cache is a piece of data, images, files or scripts which get stored after the first visit to any website and is stored. It then reloads that website quickly when you visit it again. But as time passes, caches from different websites keep on accumulating and as a result, fill up the storage. Hence, it is mandatory to revisit the storage of your device and clear the cache regularly.

  • Getting Rid of Unused Apps: Android phones come with many pre-installed apps, some of which are of no use for an ordinary user. Therefore, you should check for such apps and get rid of them.

  • Chrome Data Saver: Most of the android users use chrome as their browser. One thing that they can do to optimize their phone’ s speed is that they can open data saver by going into the settings of their browser. It can then reduce the page loading time by 30% and video streaming time by around 50%.

  • Removing or Reducing the Widgets: Removing or Reducing the Widgets:

Widgets are the icons that you can place on your home screen and other main screens to launch an app without opening the menu. They act as a shortcut but as time passes, they tend to reduce the speed of your phone.

In order to uplift your smart phone’s speed, you can reduce their number or remove them completely.

  • Clearing the Clutter: Many pictures and photos in our gallery are of no use. They become less significant with time. Deleting those can make space on our phone and more space is directly proportional to better productivity.

  • Clearing Browsing History: This one can work for android, iPhone and Windows phones. Accumulation of browsing history also takes up space and deleting it can amplify the phone’s performance.

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