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Facebook is a user-friendly social networking platform, here you can interact with your friends, family members by chatting or calling each other in an interactive way.

We can share posts, videos and can express our feelings on this amazing platform. Facebook has not made its limitation as a fun zone but it makes its tremendous footprint as a very profitable marketplace.

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The Facebook brand logo features a relatively simple and straightforward style on a blue background, with the white lowercase text “f”.

If you are new to Facebook than the first question arises in every newbie mind is How We Can Start Using Facebook? It is very simple to use this social network, you just need to create an account on Facebook by using any of your email address (hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail).

Or if you don’t have an email address then you can also use your phone number to create your account and access this amazing platform.

How To Create Facebook Account

You can create your account in just a few steps:

Visit https://www.facebook.com/ .

Fill-up "Create an Account Form" .

  1. Enter your First Name, Surname.

  2. Enter your Mobile Number or Email Address (Your Email address or mobile number must be validated)

  3. When you enter your email a new email input field will be open that will ask you to re-enter your email to make your email address.

  4. Enter a password (Note: Password must be of six characters, the password must include a combination of numbers, letters, and punctuation).

  5. Select your Birth date (Make sure you may use your real date of birth)

  6. Select your gender.

  7. Click on the signup button


Wait for a while. you will redirect to the authentication page. On this page, you have to verify your email account.

Facebook will send authentication code to your entered email, verify your email by entering the correct verification code that has been sent to your email address.

Click Continue. and finally, you have created your account successfully. Facebook will redirect you to your Facebook newsfeed now you can enjoy the experience of Facebook.

How To Login Facebook Account

If you already have an account on Facebook then you just need to input your details on the Facebook login page (i.e Email and password)

  1. Open your browser

  2. Go to https://www.facebook.com/

  3. In the upper right-hand side there is a login form, fill up your details.

  4. Enter your email (Email must be registered on Facebook.

  5. Enter your password

  6. Click on the login button, if your details are correct then you will log-in to your Facebook account successfully.


Facebook has developed its many platforms to engage its users, a messenger is one of them.

What is Facebook Messenger:


Facebook Messenger is a messaging app that is developed by Facebook, from here you can not only do texting, chatting but you can also do free video and voice calling to your friends and family. You can also do group calling free of cost.

How You Can Access Facebook Messenger:

When Facebook Messenger was launch it was first accessible only for its mobile users but later on, Facebook made the messenger generally available for its computer/laptop users as well.

Now you can access messenger from your Facebook profile as well. There is a messenger Icon on the top menu of the screen just click on the icon and your messenger will be open.

You can also install Messenger app on your mobile (Android/Apple) and can easily access it.

Messenger Key Features:
  1. Messenger allows its users to send text messages in an interactive way, you can also send voice messages to your friends & family.

  2. Messenger allows you to take live pictures and can send it to your friends instantly.

  3. Messenger allows its users to do free voice and video calling without any hassle.

  4. You can change the name of your conversation and can create any nickname.

  5. You can also change the theme (color) of your text.

  6. You can create group/groups.

  7. Messenger offers many interactive ways to engage its users like messenger offers its users to send stickers, gifs, and emoji’s to express there mood, feelings and there changing the frame of mind.

  8. You can send live map location.

  9. You can transfer files/pictures/videos from your computer or mobile to anyone.

  10. By using messenger you can also send money to anyone around the globe by using your debit card information.

  11. You can also play games, and not only you can play games alone but you can also share your game with your friends and play it together.

  12. You can create an event reminder.

Facebook has not made its limitation to fun zone, chatting or social sharing purposes but it has created its vast dimension in marketplace as well.

Facebook has now been a great resources of earning from Facebook marketplace you can exchange your goods-services to anyone in the globe and can gain a handsome profit by sitting at your home.

What is Facebook Marketplace:


Facebook Marketplace is a digital marketplace, it allows people to trade (sale or purchase) products to other users locally. Facebook Marketplace targeted only the local audiences.

Anyone can list down their products and sell their products/services unless Facebook approves the listing based on its Commerce Policies.

User can use this marketplace just like an e-commerce site, they can browse the whole marketplace, they can select the categories they wish to see, they can check-in groups or they can go to stores directly.

Accessibility Of Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook Marketplace can be accessed easily on mobile, tablets and on desktop. But in some countries, Facebook does not allow its marketplace feature due to its policies and security purposes

Buy/Sell Products From Facebook Marketplace:

Whenever a buyer wants to purchase anything it has been done through messenger.

Facebook built its Marketplace as a peer-to-peer platform so that potential buyers and sellers can interact with each other on a one-to-one basis so that they can be built a strong business relationship between them.

The Facebook marketplace made updates continuously to keep an interactive and engaging environment for its potential customers.

The seller can add a payment processor of their choice so that when the buyer purchases anything they can process and pay the seller through the payment gateway which the seller chooses.

How To Setup Facebook Marketplace Account:

  1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/

  2. Login to your Facebook account.

  3. Click on the Marketplace icon given on the left-hand-side of your desktop screen.

  4. Click on Sell Something from the left-hand side menu

  5. Now you have to select any one option according to your type of listing.

  6. Once you select the option of your choice, a prompt will appear on which you have to add the details related to your product. You have to fill up all the details given in the form.

    • Product Category.

    • What you are selling.

    • Price of the product.

    • Location

    • Add Product Description & Upload up to 10 images of product.

  7. After filling up all the details click on the next button to proceed to the final step.

  8. Click on the Post button to post your product on the Facebook marketplace.

Once you list your first product, the platform will automatically create a Marketplace profile. When you sell a product through Facebook Marketplace, it will show up as part of your store automatically.

Facebook rewards two separate badges to sellers on the bases of how well you are interacting with your customers.

Very Responsive Badge:

This badge is given to those sellers who respond quickly and whose conversion rate is high.

Community Recommended Badge:

This badge is given to those sellers who have high reviews on their products

Both of these badges will improve your reputation in the marketplace, resulting in greater trust in your brand, and potentially more customers.

Facebook Stock:


Nowadays facebook stock has reached 210.18 USD. Facebook, Inc. (FB) stock completed a round trip into the July 2018 high close to $220 in January, filling out the 42-point selling gap printed in response to the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal.

The stock has now eliminated that amount after accumulation readings reached highs in 2020, setting the stage for a historic breakout that opens the door to $300.

The Facebook stock offers a great buying opportunity due to its attractive valuation. Facebook remains a stock of devices.

It will not grow as quickly as it has done historically. At the same time, however, investors are not being asked today to pay an enormous premium to participate in their shares, as they were in the past.

Stocks go on sale when other people don’t want to buy them. There is no other explanation for why inventories should be sold cheaply.

Facebook today is an extremely compelling platform. But for too long it is unlikely to stay cheaply priced.

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