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To Login Gmail you must have gmail account if you do not have, you will need to create Gmail Account and for this you will have to go through the account creation process or you can check our article on gmail signup. After creating your account, the Gmail login process is quite easy and just 3 steps Away. Let’s have a look at the Steps.

Step # 1 - Open Website In Browser:

First of all you will go to Google and type there you will find a gmail login or sign in button.


Step # 2 - Typing Your Email:

Here you will type your email address that you have provided while your account creation and press the next button.

Step # 3 - Typing Your Password:

In this step you will have another box where you will need to type your password that you set up for Gmail login and then press the Next button again.


After pressing the next button you will be signed in to your Gmail account.


Need to Remember:

  1. You must remember that you have put your right Email address and Exact Password that you have given in your account registration otherwise You will go through the same process again.

  2. Make sure you want the browser to keep your login details save or you don’t want them to save it. Select the desired option after your Gmail login.

Actually Gmail login have another methods too. In case of signing in your Gmail account that you once signed out before so the following steps will get you back loggedin to your account.

Step#1. First simply type and choose your last signed out account.


Step#2. When you choose your account that you want to log in type the password and press the next button.


After pressing the next button you will finally signed in to your Gmail account.

How to Login to Gmail account in Android phone or IPhone devices:

Mostly people face too much confusions while logging in to Gmail account in their smart phones here we will discuss some easy steps to login to Gmail account in Smart phones.

  • Open the Gmail app and Press the sign in button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Follow the instructions and you will be logged in.

Adding new account in your browser:

If you want to login to another Gmail account then go to and press the ‘’Use another account’’ button.


You will get a box demanding your email address. Now follow the same process that we discuss before.

Security of your Gmail account:

Gmail has 2-step verification for safe login let’s go through the two step verification setting.

First of all login to your Gmail account and go to

Click on the security on the left side of your screen.


After this godown and click the two step verification. After this, you will need to login into your Gmail account once again according to the login process we mentioned before.


On the next step after signing in your account, there will be some types of security logins.

  1. Google prompts: When you sign in to your account Google prompt will be sent to your email address about the phone or location of the new device you login from.

  2. Voice or text message: This process will verify you by sending verification message or call on your provided number. After your verification Google will allow the device to login to your account.

  3. Backup codes: This one time passcode will let you have access to your account whenever you are away from your phone like when you are traveling etc.

  4. Authenticator app: it will let you have verification codes either your phone is online or offline.

  5. Security key: this key will make your account secure too. You can built this key in your phone by Bluetooth or plugin directly your USB port.

Trusted Devices:

You can add some devices you use or trust for future sign in. In the future whenever you log in to your account the added devices will have no any verification.


Setting voice or text message:

To set up this type of security you will need to add your phone number and verif

Problem logging in to Gmail account:

If you face a problem while logging into your Gmail account, First check your email address and password make sure the email address and password is correct. After this you face the same problem again or you forgot your password then press ‘’the forgot password’’ button given left side of the box.


When you click the forgot password button you will type your email address and press the next button.


After this you will be asked for the last password but if you don’t remember your last password then simply click the ‘’try another way’’ button.


Provide the recovery phone number or email address to get a verification code and you will recover your account then. When you provide the phone number you will get a verification code from the Gmail team and a dialogue box will appear for the code you receive on your phone.


Enter the verification code and you will get a box to set a new password for your Gmail account instead of your forgotten password.


Now simply log in to your Gmail account with the new password you set.

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