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Yahoo Mail History:

Yahoo mail is an email service which was started in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang who were electrical engineer and graduated from the Stanford University. When they created the site the called it "Jerry and David’s Guide to The World Wide Web".

Primarily the site was basically a directory of other websites and was used as Search Engine for other website pages. After Sometime in April 1994 they changed its name to Yahoo Mail. The abbreviation of Yahoo is "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle" The proper domain was purchased and published on January 18, 1995.

Yahoo Mail grow very fast all across the world and expanded into a web portal which followed by numerous of high-profile visitors. In early Yahoo was rejected from Microsoft Corporation in 2008.

So, in above content we highlight some of the main points from the history of Yahoo Mail. Now further discuss about some of its main features.

Yahoo Mail offer its users four different email accounts plan three of them are used for personal use and one is used for business. The personal used plan has the following three categories.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Ad free

By using Yahoo Mail interface, a user can access and their mails which is accessible using standard web browser. For many users are able to access their account by using either their [email protected] or with the domain of their country like "" for France and "" for Italy.

User can only access their account thorough these domains but user need to register them only on "".

Create New Yahoo Mail Account:


It takes just a few moments to sign up on Yahoo Mail. Its is the best email service on internet and is still totally free at that time. It allows its user to configure their mailbox from external mailing services like Gmail, Hotmail, Proton mail and Mailo.

It facilitates its user by providing 1000 GB of storage space through which user can send or receive messages with out using the storage services provider like Dropbox or Google Drive. To create the Yahoo Mail you only need to follow the following below easy steps


How to Create and Sign up For New Yahoo Mail Account?

Following are some simple steps through which you can create yahoo mail account

  • Open your standard web browser either on mobile phone or on your personal pc or laptop. You can also open it on Yahoo Mail App which is easily available on mobile store.

  • Go to the URL ""

  • After opening the site go to the "Sign In" tab

  • When you click on the Sign In tab you will see the following interface.

  • When you click on the tab "Create an account" you will see the next following interface. Now you need to fill all the given blanks with accurate information.

  • The given Email should be unique and memorable so you can remember it forever. Because if once you will lost your email then it creates difficulties for you to recover your Yahoo Mail Login.

  • Provide the current mobile phone number so you can verify your mobile number through Yahoo team.

  • After filling this form click on the "Continue" Tab

  • Now you must should verify your mobile number

  • A text code will be sent by Yahoo on your cell number which is given by you while filling the form of signup

  • When you verify your mobile number, you will successfully create Yahoo Mail account.

How to login to your Yahoo Mail Account?

Following are some simple steps through which you can login yahoo mail account

  • Open your standard web browser either on mobile phone or on your personal pc or laptop

  • Go to the URL ""

  • After opening the site go to the "Sign In" tab

  • When you click on the Sign In tab you will see the following interface. Provide the Email and if you want that your browser will remember your passwords for future use click on the "Stay Signed In" checkbox.

  • After filling all the information accurately click on the "Next" tab.

  • Now provide the password which you give at the time of "Sign up".

  • And then click on "Next" Button as shown in image.

  • Now you have Successfully login to your Yahoo Mail Account.

  • You can check your email by clicking on "Mail" tab.

  • When you click on "Mail" tab icon you will see your Yahoo Mail Inbox.

  • First you need to customize your mailbox theme color and back ground image

  • It makes your mail box more attractive and beautiful.

  • You can have by default three kinds of theme in it (Light, Medium, Dark).

  • You need to chose one of them. "Light" Theme is selected by default. When you select your favorite theme click on the "Done" button.

  • You have some Welcome emails from Yahoo Community.

Now I will tell you some additional features of Yahoo Mail Services.

Additional Features of Yahoo Mail:

Lets insight a light on some additional features of yahoo mail which are beyond the basic email services such as message achieving, e-mail attachments and remote access to Yahoo Mail all across the world.

Attachments are the documents or files which are send with a message. User can send up to 10 MB of file with each message. The attachment files can be in form of Word processing, Spread Sheet of MS Excel, Presentation in ppt, or in database file.

It can also be in a form of audio files HTML web page or in image format. Here is the method to attach the files with message.

How to add an attachment in message box

  • Click on the "Compose" tab and then click on the icon which is just above the compose tab.

  • You can find your file by using file locating window

  • When you locate your file click on "OK" or "Open" Button

  • When you click on the "Open" button the file name will appear on the top just near the compose window.

  • To attach more files, you need to repeat the same process again and again

  • Yahoo mail scan each files to clean virus before sending it to next user.

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