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Improving Medical Communications With Medical Tablets

Hospitals have adapted to the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Constant face mask usage, plexiglass barriers, and social distancing guidelines are just a few of the adjustments that hospitals had to enact. The pandemic is nearing an end, but the medical advancements made during this time will continue to help hospitals in their work to create healthy communities. Still, these medical advancements did not affect every area of the hospital equally. Hospital communications remain in a virtual stone age, where archaic technology is holding back the potential of medical staff.

Medical communications are too important for hospitals to put off upgrading. Tangent medical tablets allow hospital staff a secure and convenient way to communicate throughout the hospital.

Communications, Pagers, And BYOD Replaced With Medical Computers

Communications have always been a challenge in the medical setting, so much so that 90% of hospitals still employ ole reliable: the pager. Hospitals cite all the normal reasons to continue using this outdated technology; pagers have a long battery life, no dead zones, and are used solely in the medical setting. 

These advantages are nearly impossible to replicate with policies such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). BYOD requires medical professionals use their own cell phones for work. BYOD also has numerous HIPAA complications in addition to being unreliable. Even if hospitals provided phones for their employees, their short battery life and potential to drop calls makes them too risky.

Medical computer tablets can alleviate your hospital’s dependence on pagers. While in the hospital, medical computer tablets like the T13 can be your doctor’s perfect pager replacement. Medical computer tablets have all the advantages of a pager. These include a long battery life, direct connection to your hospital’s wifi network with no dead zones, and their use is limited to the hospital. In addition, doctors can check on their emails, view patient information, and browse medical data from anywhere in the hospital.

T-13 Medical Tablet from Tangent

The T13 from Tangent is custom-built with hospitals in mind. Its touchscreen is fully sanitiziable and IP rated for water resistance. The custom built chassis features an antimicrobial coating which mitigates the growth of bacteria on it, allowing doctors to use it throughout the day without worrying about the potential of disease spread. Doctors can also use its convenient carrying handle to easily transport the T13 throughout the hospital.

Ready To Upgrade With Tangent?

This pandemic has caused a massive and rapid digitization of our daily lives, and the hospital setting is no exception to this. Make sure that your hospital is at the forefront of technology, and not reliant on medical equipment from the 1950s. Employ medical tablets from Tangent in your hospital today. Learn more by contacting Tangent Sales.

medical tablets for emergency use

Medical Tablets For Rapid Emergency Response Teams

As the summer months continue, they bring with them many dangers. Wildfires, public pool accidents, and other emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) need to be ready to respond to these sorts of happenings. Sometimes EMS personnel need to use precious time to figure out a patient’s identity and medical information when this data should be readily available. EMS can make use of medical tablets from Tangent to quickly and accurately identify patients and give them the personalized treatment they need.  

Vital Information In A Snap

First Responders can’t afford to waste time in an emergency. Medical tablets give them vital patient information in a snap. First responders can connect directly with hospitals to pull up a patient’s medical record, or find out important medical conditions that their patient may have. Medical tablets like the T13 from Tangent have an adaptive touchscreen that allows EMS professionals to access information in the same way they use their smartphones: fast.

medical grade tablets
medical grade tablets

With hot-swap battery technology, this information is always available 24/7. Instead of needing to leave the T13 docked on a charger for half of the day, users can instead simply switch out the battery with a fully charged one. As long as one battery is being charged and one is in use, the T13 can be used on a near 24/7 basis.

One Handed Operation And Durability

The one handed design of the T13 allows for a variety of practical applications. EMS can carry the tablet in one hand, while carrying medical equipment in the other. They can quickly switch between giving life-saving care and checking on patient information. The easy-carry handle on the T13 allows EMS to attach the tablet to their gear belt when not in use, leaving it out of the way but still within reach.

T-13 Medical Grade Tablet From Tangent
T-13 Medical Grade Tablet From Tangent

The T13 tablet is also rated for drop resistance, meaning that EMS can focus solely on the well being of their patient — not their equipment.

RFID And Barcode Security Built In

Security is one of the top priorities of every medical professional, and EMS are no exception. EMS needs to keep the patient information they store on medical tablets secure. But constantly punching in long passwords can take precious time. With an RFID and Barcode scanner, the T13 allows EMS to use security tags in lieu of passwords. This maintains a safe level of security while acknowledging the time sensitivity that EMS professionals experience.

Prepare With Tangent

Emergencies are constantly happening. EMS professionals need to not only be prepared, but prepared with the right equipment. Tangent medical tablets are the right choice for keeping your EMS teams ready for action. Learn more by contacting Tangent Sales today.

Better Medical Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Better Medical Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Computer-aided diagnosis is rapidly becoming an integral part of every hospital’s toolbox.While currently primarily used only for immunostaining operations, CAD has many promising prospects for future use. But even now, state-of-the-art hospitals utilize CAD to analyze x-rays, propose diagnoses, and get important second opinions from an unbiased source. Preparing your hospital with the best medical computers now means that as CAD systems evolve, your physicians will be at the forefront of medical technology.

How CAD Works On Medical Computers

While CAD may seem daunting, it is actually quite easy to understand. CAD systems utilize a mix of machine learning algorithms that are designed to identify harmful anomalies in the body. These systems can be used by radiologists and clinicians to get second opinions on mammograms and other x-ray based applications.

Tangent E24B Medical Computer
Tangent E24B Medical Computer

Powerful medical computers like the E24B can be used to quickly and accurately display CAD readouts. The E24B sports an impressive 24 inch screen that allows clinicians to see every detail an x-ray can offer. The adaptive touch screen allows users to zoom in and out on CAD readouts and see areas the software has highlighted for further investigation.

Practical CAD Uses Today In The Hospital

Hospitals use a number of computer-aided diagnosis programs today. While some A.I. based programs seek to replace doctors in the diagnosis process, CAD systems simply augment the process. CAD systems are used to detect a number of illnesses including: pulmonary nodes, lung cancer, and even polyps in the colon. In all of these instances, CAD systems have allowed doctors to analyze bodily hazards with a fine-tooth comb.

CAD Uses In The Near Future

CAD systems are constantly adapting. New uses for CAD systems on medical computers are possible thanks to its basis on machine learning. These machine learning models become more proficient at identifying issues as diagnosis methods become more refined and systematic.CAD programs on medical computers will be able to identify the earliest signs of diseases like Diabetes, as well as alert doctors to abnormalities that could potentially become an issue.

Tangent M24T Medical Computer

Of course, these systems are only as good as the medical grade computers they run on. Your hospital will be prepared for the future of medical technology thanks to diagnostic purpose-built medical computers like the M24T. The M24T features some of the latest in Intel processing technology, as well as a lightning fast NVMe storage system that is over 30 times faster than traditional HDD systems.

Prepare for Computer-Aided Diagnostics With Tangent

The pandemic has drastically accelerated the pace at which our society is turning to technology. Machine learning is a part of this acceleration. Doctors, radiology technicians, and clinicians will soon be able to use CAD systems in their daily tasks. Make sure they are able to run these programs smoothly and efficiently with Tangent. Learn more by contacting Tangent Sales Today.

Medical Grade Computers

Hospitals have a wide range of unique needs. Doctors and nurses need specialized equipment for every division within the hospital, from the operating room to the ward. Traditional equipment doesn’t cut it in these situations. Hospitals need tools and equipment designed specifically for use in the hospital. Nowhere is this more easily seen than in a hospital’s computing needs.

Commercial computers that one may see in an office or warehouse may appear to be fine for the hospital. Websites and vendors may even tout these computers as perfect for the medical setting, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Hospitals and medical clinics need computers designed specifically for the medical setting for a number of reasons. Tangent’s Medical grade computers fit this bill, being created for hospitals while going above and beyond medical requirements.

What Are Medical Grade Computers?

Medical grade computers are designed for medical applications, but what does that mean exactly? Compared to traditional commercial computers, medical grade computers must meet a number of specifications. There are many companies that claim to have medical grade computers, but not every company follows the same guidelines. 

There are no formal requirements for a computer to have the ‘medical grade’ qualification. This allows many companies to sell computers that meet only the bare minimum qualifications for the medical setting. 

Not at Tangent.

Tangent medical grade computers meet all of the electronic medical equipment standards and then some. Each computer sold by Tangent meets UL 60601 certifications for electronic equipment. This ensures that medical grade computers from Tangent do not emit harmful electrical radiation that could potentially cause issues with other equipment.

Meeting HIPAA compliance standards is also a top priority for Tangent. Each of their computers are HIPAA compliant, meaning that they are ready to protect sensitive patient information. Tangent medical grade computers allow hospitals to have one less worry when it comes to protecting patient privacy.

These two qualities — meeting UL 60601 certifications and being HIPAA compliant — are commonplace for medical grade computers. But these two qualities are only the minimum that hospitals should look for when choosing new computers. In reality, medical grade computers should have many more features that help them in the hospital. To get a better sense of what these features should be, let’s take a look at the types and uses of computers.

Types Of Medical Grade Computers

Medical grade computers come in a number of varieties. Each of these varieties is designed not only for a specific purpose, but also to be adaptable to any situation. This allows Tangent’s computers to be used in many different situations that may come up in your hospital. As the pandemic has shown, hospitals need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently to new circumstances. 

  • Medical Cart Medical Grade Computers: Medical carts equipped with computers are quickly becoming essential in the hospital. Crash carts carry supplies for emergencies, while other supply carts are used to transfer medication and other supplies easily throughout the hospital. Medical grade computers designed for these carts need to be built for mobility as well as usability.

But one of the biggest challenges in sourcing medical grade computers for carts is their effect on downtime. Medical grade computers typically rely on internal batteries for their power. This means that everyday, medical carts must be taken out of rotation and plugged in to charge. The result is that hospitals have far more medical carts than they need, while only getting to use a fraction of their fleet.

Medical grade computers like the E24B from Tangent solve this problem with their hot swap battery system. The E24B features two battery compartments, allowing for batteries to be swapped out with minimal interruption to uptime. Simply take charged batteries and swap them out one by one, then take the depleted batteries back to their charger. With this hot swap battery system, medical grade computers from Tangent can help your medical carts operate on a virtual 24/7 basis.

  • Desktop Medical Grade Computers: The most common type of medical computer in your hospital is probably the one sitting on the desks of your staff. Doctors, nurses, clerks, medical assistants, and others all need dedicated workstations to keep on top of their tasks. Medical grade computers designed for desktop use need to be versatile, sleek, and most importantly, intuitive. 

Desktop computers like the M24T are perfect for your medical staff’s workstations. The M24T features a wide, 24 inch screen that can display multiple medical programs at once. This widescreen is also touch-enable, allowing medical staff to use the M24T in much the same way as their own cell phone.

Doctors can use the M24T’s touch screen to get a closer look at Xrays, using pinching and pulling finger movements to manipulate the image. They can also use the touch screen to quickly and easily navigate through electronic medical records. This touchscreen is also fully washable, meaning that multiple staff can use the touch screen in one day with regular cleanings.

  • Portable Medical Grade Computers: An often overlooked, but vital piece of the medical grade computer fabric is their portable versions. Portable computer tablets have been widely adopted by many industries as a fast and simple way to keep track of employees while also increasing productivity. Yet their adoption in the medical setting leaves something to be desired.

Instead of equipping your medical staff with archaic pager systems, try outfitting them with medical grade computer tablets like the T13. The T13 tablet is designed to be carried throughout the hospital. With a convenient handle and drop resistance, medical staff can carry the T13 anywhere.

The T13 doesn’t sacrifice power for portability, and can easily run numerous medical programs. It allows for doctors to access medical records from anywhere in the hospital. This means that doctors can get refamiliarized with a patient’s history while on the way to seeing them. Doctors can also respond to correspondence while on the move, as well as respond to emergencies. With portable medical grade computers, downtime becomes a thing of the past.

These are just a few categories that medical grade computers can fall into. But this doesn’t mean that these computers can only do these specialized tasks. Tangent medical computers are adaptable above all else. This level of customization allows for hospitals to rapidly adjust to new situations with ease.

Highly Customizable Medical Grade Computers

The medical setting is constantly shifting, and so are its needs. With highly customizable medical grade computers from Tangent, your hospital can meet these shifts head on. 

Let’s say that your hospital is planning on upgrading its medical cart fleet with medical grade computers capable of operating on a near 24/7 basis. This can drastically improve your single cart efficiency, but may mean that you have an excess of carts. You’re not sure how many carts will be needed after this switch, but don’t want to over or under purchase on new computers. 

With medical grade computers like the T24B from Tangent, these situations have an easy solution. The T24B features a standard VESA mounting system. This adaptable system allows the T24B to be mounted to desktop stands, mounted arms, and medical carts. With so many ways to make use of the T24B, your hospital can acquire enough medical grade computers for each medical cart without worrying that some will need to be returned. 

Other situations may see your hospital need more RFID or barcode scanners. Whether it be for medication witnessing or human milk workflows, Tangent has medical grade computers that can help your staff meet goals and deadlines.

Antimicrobial Medical Grade Computers

One of the phrases that doctors live by is “do no harm.” Doctors must always prioritize their patient’s health, as well as be vigilant against potential mishaps. Shouldn’t their equipment also attempt to do no harm?

This may sound silly at first, but your hospital’s equipment can do real harm. Technology like computers and phones are littered with pathogens. These pathogens can potentially cause nosocomial infections throughout the hospital. With multiple medical assistants, nurses, and doctors sharing the same medical grade computer throughout the day, the chances of infection only increase. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Medical grade computers from Tangent feature an antimicrobial coating on their surfaces. This coating mitigates the growth of pathogens on the computer, allowing for a reduction in the amount of bacteria present in the hospital. 

Medical grade computers featuring this antimicrobial coating can give your medical staff ease of mind while using them. Instead of worrying about potentially spreading disease throughout the hospital, doctors can focus on what’s actually important: their patients. In this way, your medical staff can be equipped with equipment that does its best to also do no harm.

Create A Better Hospital With Tangent 

As hospitals emerge from this pandemic, they have a real opportunity to reorganize how they work. Hospitals can create an adaptive and new hospital system Instead of attempting to revert back to the beginning of 2020. Hospitals can, at the very least, take this opportunity to reevaluate their workflows and find solutions to enhance their productivity.

Hospitals can accomplish this with upgraded medical grade computers in the hands of their medical staff. Whether it be at their workstation, equipped to a medical cart, or in their hands while on the move, doctors and nurses can and will find ways to use their new medical grade computers to their advantage.

Don’t wait to improve your hospital. Create a better, more flexible hospital today for your medical staff and patients. Contact Tangent Sales today for more information on how updated medical grade computers can help your hospital emerge from this pandemic better than ever.

Tangent Medical Grade Computer

Tangent Medical Grade Computers

With a reputation that precedes us, Tangent continues to offer state-of-the-art medical grade computers unsurpassed by others on the market. 

Who is Tangent? Tangent is one of the first medical grade computer manufacturers to hit the market. We have proudly manufactured medical grade computers and have been in business for over 30 years. 

What is a Tangent Medical Grade Computer? Tangent medical grade computers are specifically designed for healthcare applications. With features such as antimicrobial surfaces, fully washable enclosures, and 24/7 redundancy, Tangent medical grade computers have been carefully engineered with healthcare workflow requirements in mind.

Tangent units are fully operational and can include a variety of features for easy application including VESA mounting, hot-swappable batteries, multiple serial ports, barcode scanners, cameras and more. 

Compliance and Certifications Tangent medical grade computers are HIPPA and Epic compliant. They have been validated by Cerner. Our medical computers come with certifications such as, UL60601 or UL60601-1. Ratings found on our lineup include IP65, IPX1, IP54 for water resistance.

Tangent has been on the forefront of medical grade computer development for years. We proudly specialize in medical grade computer manufacturing and work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction.

medical computer manufacturer

Medical Computer Manufacturer

What is a Medical Computer Manufacturer?

A medical computer manufacturer is a company that designs, creates, and builds medical computers. Manufacturers are responsible for the construction process including the materials used, the way in which the computers are built and the structure, components and features of each medical computer. Manufacturers have factories where they build each medical computer, and an engineering department to ensure proper performance and quality control. Manufacturers typically offer warranties to cover faulty units and to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction.

Advantages of Purchasing Medical Computers from Manufacturers 

  1. Pricing: With no third party sellers to pay, purchasing medical computers directly from a manufacturer often leads to great pricing. Large-scale purchases offer room for bundle pricing and payment options that may exceed the discounts a distributor may be regulated to give. As the manufacturer, a medical computer company would have greater flexibility and less rigidity in selling price. Manufacturers can often provide greater net terms, should they be necessary. In short, a manufacturer would have more room for customizing a sales plan. Medical computer manufacturers will also have the largest inventory-greater than most distributors. This usually translates into a larger amount of demo units available, whereby you can request a product to be sent to you, for a specific period of time, to ensure you are satisfied prior to your purchase. Demo units are an excellent way to ensure your budget is properly spent, as you can verify and test the unit you anticipate to purchase.
  1. Customizations: Medical computers often come with different customization options. More ports, mounting options, CPUs- there are a number of ways configurations can be adjusted. However, what happens when there is a specific customization you require, not listed on the default list a unit comes with?

Working with a medical computer manufacturer-the company that creates the medical computer in question- means you can often work together to create units exactly to your specifications and needs. For quantity purchases, most manufacturers would be happy to develop specially customized units that fit your needs. 

Additionally, a manufacturer will know their inventory, upcoming technologies and design capabilities far more than a distributor. Working with a manufacturer for customizations, you can expect to be provided with a full list of past and future inventory selections that may be a better fit than the original unit you had selected- or with features you had not realized were available.

  1. Quality: 

Medical computer manufacturers, handling their own sales, work directly with clients and are attuned to client needs.  Manufacturers that distribute are often one step ahead of developing units with greater specifications for client satisfaction. Direct client communication allows for client-specific advancement without delays. 

How to Select a Medical Computer Manufacturer

With a variety of options to choose from, selecting a medical computer manufacturer to purchase from can be tricky. 

Most Important variables to consider when purchasing medical computers are:

1. Age of Business

The business age of a medical computer manufacturer often ensures the security of the purchase you make. A long-standing company is firmly established and you can rely on them for after-purchase support. Your IT team may need assistance configuration or operating questions. You may need to purchase replacement parts or replace a faulty unit. Working with an established company is like added security to your medical computer purchase.

2. Warranty

While most manufactures work diligently to provide advanced and reliable medical computers, there may be a defect in a purchased unit. When purchasing medical computers, it is important to review manufacturer’s warranties. You want to make sure you are protected, should a unit fail to perform or arrive defective.

3.Inventory and Selection

Medical computers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You may be on the market for several types of medical computers, or you perhaps need to purchase bulk medical computers of the same kind, albeit with different configurations. Working with a manufacturer that offers a wide selection of medical computers ensures that you can purchase all your medical computers and configure them just the way you require, without having to work with different companies. Purchasing several medical computers from one manufacturer will provide you with the best bundled pricing discounts.

Why Choose Tangent?

In business for over 30 years, Tangent is a leading medical computer manufacturer. We carry a variety of medical computers and offer an assortment of customizable configuration options to ensure you receive medical computers that meet your specifications. Standing the test of time, Tangent has perfected its manufacturing practices to provide high quality cutting-edge medical computers that are both reliable and optimal. Tangent offers comprehensive technical support and a 3 to 5 year warranty on medical computers. 

Telemedicine for after the pandemic

Telemedicine With Medical Computers In A Post-Pandemic World

The last year has been a challenging one for many hospitals. The pandemic strained resources and personnel throughout the winter. But things are beginning to turn around, thanks in part to the widespread availability of vaccines. As hospitals exit the pandemic, they must turn their sights back towards helping everyday patients. The lessons learned in the pandemic should not go to waste however. The pandemic has accelerated medical grade computer adoption in the medical industry, and this adoption still has a place in a post-pandemic world.

Telemedicine With Medical Computers

Telemedicine has seen a remarkable boom in use during the pandemic. Patients with severe conditions rely on hospitals for their treatments. These could be needed on a weekly or daily basis. But when the pandemic hit, these patients were faced with a stark choice: receive the treatment they need and potentially put themselves in harm’s way, or forgo treatment and similarly see a decline in their health.

Neither option is ideal, and that’s where telemedicine came in. Telemedicine on medical computers allowed doctors to virtually connect with their most at-risk patients. Their patients in turn received the quality healthcare they needed. This was accomplished thanks to medical computers like the M24T from Tangent.

Tangent M24T Medical Computer

The M24T from Tangent is a full-fledged medical computer built with telehealth in mind. The M24T has an impressive front-facing camera that doctors can use in telehealth appointments to allow their patients to actually see them. This face-to-face contact is crucial not only for your patient’s peace-of-mind, but also for your doctors to better understand their patients.

The M24T also has a full touchscreen. This touchscreen allows doctors to view medical charts, x-rays, and other medical information using just their hands. This intuitive design facilitates easier communication between doctors and their patients, and cuts down on wasted time during telemedicine appointments.

Medical computers like the M24T can also connect with remote monitoring technology. Remote monitoring has allowed doctors to remotely perform the tests that some high-risk patients need on a daily or weekly basis, all without needing patients to actually come into the hospital. 

All Of The Convenience With None Of The Hassle

Tangent medical computers allow patients to visit with their doctors remotely, getting all the medical care they need without the hassle. For more information, contact Tangent Sales today.