Tangent Medical Tablet

What is a Medical Tablet ?

As hospitals increasingly computerize their workstations, the use of paper records has dropped considerably. While the introduction of computers in the hospital space has drastically increased their efficiency, the mobility of information that physical paper records entailed was nearly lost. This is where Medical Tablets found their niche, offering the same benefits as medical PCS and paper based records in one package. But what exactly is a medical tablet, and what are they used for?


Medical tablets are custom built tablets specially designed for the healthcare setting. There are many things that seperate medical tablets from their commercial counterparts, but to name a few:


  • Antimicrobial Enclosure – Commercial tablets are much like phones in that their surfaces are bacteria riddled, being some of the dirtiest surfaces we touch on a regular basis. Clearly in the medical setting, this would not do. Medical tablets feature antimicrobial enclosures, which inhibit the growth of bacteria on all surfaces of the tablet. All medical PCs feature such enclosures, but their inclusion on medical tablets that can be passed through multiple provider and patient hands in a day is paramount.


Tangent MedixT13
Tangent MedixT13
  • Hot-Swap Batteries – No one likes waiting around an outlet for hours while their phone charges, and in the medical setting there is no time to wait around while your medical tablet recharges. That’s why medical tablets like the Medix T13 Medical Tablet from Tangent come equipped with Hot-Swap battery technology, which allows for batteries to be independently charged from the tablet for later use. Hot-Swap batteries ensure that your medical tablets will have 100% uptime while on the job, and give your staff one less thing to worry about while helping patients.


Tangent MedixM8
Tangent MedixM8


  • Security Features – Abiding by HIPPA regulations is critical to hospitals providing safe and effective healthcare, and medical tablets are built to help hospitals meet these guidelines. Medical tablets like the Medix M8 Medical Tablet from Tangent have built-in smartcard readers, to ensure that only approved medical staff are accessing pertinent medical information.



These features, added together, ensure that medical tablets are the perfect computer for a wide variety of hospital computing jobs. Antimicrobial enclosures allow medical tablets to be passed between patient and staff member without worry of spreading harmful infections. Hot-Swap batteries enable medical tablets to operate on medical carts without needing to wait to be charged. Enhanced security features ensure that patient data is safe, and only accessible to those who are cleared. Medical tablets fill in the gap that paper records left when they were replaced with computers, and they fill this gap exceptionally better than paper ever could. 


Medical Grade PCs

Medical Grade PC for Hospital Performance and Efficiency

The introduction of computers in the workplace has made a litany of everyday tasks more manageable and efficient. Nowhere else is this as clearly seen than in the medical setting. Computers in hospitals have evolved from being simple filing systems to being fully integrated and specialized tools that are indispensable to everyday operations. These computers have forked from traditional workplace computers, and fall under the umbrella term, “Medical Grade PC.” Medical grade PCs are custom tailored for the hospital setting, being able to fit directly into your existing networks and customized for every situation.

 Medix KW Series

Medix KW Series

Safe And Sanitary

Medical grade PCs differ from conventional workplace PCs in many ways that directly cater to hospitals. For instance, all Medical grade PCs come equipped with an antimicrobial enclosure, which mitigates the growth of bacteria and pathogens on the surfaces of the PC. This is vital to keeping the spread of inter-hospital diseases like MRSA or E. coli at a minimum, as medical grade PCs see multiple users(thus germs) throughout the work day. Medical grade PCs give workers peace of mind, allowing them to work freely on their computer without worrying about theirs or their patient’s risk of infection. A healthy workplace is an efficient workplace, and medical grade PCs ensure that your workstations are efficient ones.


Versatile And Efficient

Medical workstations on wheels, also referred to as medical carts, are vital to providing medical services throughout the hospital. When equipped with medical grade PCs, these carts become invaluable to administering care to multiple patients. Conventional workplace computers rely on mounted batteries that would force medical carts to spend time out of commision while charging. Medical grade PCs such as the Medix T24B from Tangent come equipped with hot-swap battery technology, allowing for medical carts to remain fully active throughout the day. Being able to swap out batteries means that you don’t need multiple medical carts to cover ones that are charging, one medical cart with a medical grade PC equipped will perform more than adequately.

Medix T24B
Medix T24B

Clear And Accurate

Having accurate information is critical to patient care, a misdiagnosis or misinterpretation can have a lasting impact on not only your patient’s health, but your hospital’s reputation. Medical grade PCs are built with this fact in mind, and when paired with a Medical LCD Monitor from Tangent, produce precisely accurate information through DICOM technology. This technology constantly analyzes display information from your medical grade PC, compares how it should be displayed with how it will appear on screen, and adjusts the resulting image correctly to ensure that the information displayed is accurate. Whether displaying medical records or x-rays, medical LCD monitors are the best way to display information from a medical grade PC.


Tangent CL24 Touch Screen Medical LCD Monitor
Tangent CL24 Touch Screen Medical LCD Monitor


Antimicrobial POS

AntiMicrobial POS Tablets for Restaurants

The American public is no stranger to fast food safety scares and widespread food poisoning events amongst even the most popular restaurants that boast freshness and quality.  Chipotle quickly comes to mind as a repeat offender. The most recent infraction was in August of 2018 when 220 verified reports involving 405 people who were rendered ill from eating at an Ohio Chipotle were submitted to the crowd-sourcing site iwaspoisoned.com. The critical violation was found to be inadequate maintenance of temperature control to prevent the growth of pathogens, mold and harmful bacteria. Proper washing of vegetables and leafy greens was another key factor as they can be a carrier for awful strains of bacteria like E.coli. Cleanliness of workstations and any food surface a worker touches also contributes greatly to a safe environment.


I happen to be a fan of Chipotle’s food, but on a few occasions have wondered how safe it was for their staff to handle food and then work the register as well. Computer equipment can be a hotbed of bacteria, especially when handled by several people in a warm environment. How safe are the POS (point of sale) tablets in a fast food restaurant? What other steps can be taken to prevent the spread of contaminants and pathogens?


The Tangent P10 industrial POS tablet was designed for the rigors of intensive use and cleaning. The front panel is rated at an IP54 level of protection, meaning that it can withstand low pressure water jets and spray without any damage to the POS tablet. Restaurant staff can wipe down the POS tablet with disinfectant wipes throughout the work day, and then spray it down during cleanup time for a more thorough sanitation. The P10 10” inch POS tablet itself is equipped with a smart card reading slot, a barcode scanner, a five megapixel camera, and triple-track MSR. The accompanying docking station features a wide array of I/O ports in a compact space to attach peripherals like a cash drawer, second monitor, or USB devices.


For an even higher level of pathogen protection, Tangent also offers medical grade tablets that can easily be used for POS purposes. The enclosure of the Medix T13 13” tablet is factory treated with an antimicrobial coating that prevents the spread of contamination and infection. Bacteria, mold, and microbial growth is stunted by the antimicrobial additives. The enclosure is also rated at an IP54, allowing it to be sprayed and wiped clean. Like the P10, the T13 medical (POS) tablet has a full-slot smart card reader and barcode reader, but this one also has an optional RFID reader. The T13 has an available desktop charging cradle for added I/O ports. For convenient mobile use, this medical grade tablet can be equipped with a hand strap and integrated stand.


There is a lot of responsibility that goes into offering customers a safe dining experience, and part of that is ensuring that restaurant equipment is clean and sanitary, including computer devices. Tangent’s line of industrial and medical grade tablets offer elevated levels of safety for a multitude of uses including POS (point of sale) transactions.