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How To Measure Skin Temperatures Quickly

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to screening for symptoms of the virus during this pandemic, there are ways of performing screenings for symptomatic individuals. The NBA is strictly monitoring everyone in their bubble’s daily temperatures to ensure that any outbreak is immediately discovered. While not every store, hospital, and essential business has access to […]

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Fever scanning with elevated skin temperature detection

Infection Detection In The Hospital

Hospitals around the country are facing the potential risk of reaching ICU capacity. Miami-Dade county alone is seeing their hospitals at 146% capacity — a shocking figure. With this many infected persons in the hospital, the risk of infection becomes exponential to healthcare workers, traditional patients, and the community. This also presents a logistical problem: […]

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Tanent's temperature scanner kiosk helps keep both employees and patients safe.

Temperature Scanners For Hospital Safety

As hospitals reopen for elective procedures and regular appointments, keeping a control on the spread of infections will be more challenging than ever. Screening those who enter the hospital for symptoms can help reduce the chance of infection spread, and allow both patients and medical staff to be confident in their safety. One of the […]

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