Tangent Industrial Types of industrial computers

Industrial Grade Computers: Types And Uses

Industrial grade computers are the building blocks of today’s modern factories. Industrial grade computers have helped usher in the next industrial revolution, the smart factory revolution. With the smart factory revolution has come the need for specialized industrial grade computers to fulfill specific niches in the manufacturing process. Tangent has filled these niches with three […]

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Small spaces do not have to compromise on their usability. With mini PCs, even the smallest of spaces can become a workstation capable of taking on the largest of tasks. Whether it's an industrial software program or remote camera monitoring system, mini PCs like the E3 Rugged Computer from Tangent are up to the challenge. This rugged computer is smaller than a dictionary, and can be mounted virtually anywhere with its standard VESA mounting. What's more, with up to 32 gigabytes of RAM, this mini PC can run any program you throw at it.

Rugged Mini PCs For Space-Confined Areas

As industries reopen, they may have to rethink the way they use their space. Whether it’s in the industrial space, scientific research, or public safety, nearly every sector can benefit from rethinking the way they use space. Given that social distancing guidelines are likely to stay in place as more businesses open, now is the […]

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