Rugged Computers, Tangent’s Five Favorites

At Tangent, we strive to make all of our computers as durable and dependable as possible. This vision is most accomplished in our line of rugged computers, each one custom designed to work in the harshest work environments possible. Every rugged computer from Tangent has a unique design and set of features that makes it stand out; this ensures that whatever the task, a Tangent rugged computer will be up to it. While every rugged computer from Tangent is worth a look, we’ve picked five of our favorites for their own spotlight.


Tangent Rugged Mini Tank
Tangent Rugged Mini Tank


Rugged Mini Tank

The Rugged Mini Tank from Tangent is named aptly, being one of Tangent’s most durable rugged computers. The Rugged Mini Tank meet military standard specifications for dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, and more. The fanless design coupled with a solid state drive means that this rugged computer has no moving parts whatsoever, and can withstand shocks and drops commercial PCs couldn’t fathom. In addition, the Rugged Mini Tank can operate in extreme temperatures from -4° to 158°F without any damage to the rugged computer. These features combine to make the Rugged Mini Tank the perfect in-vehicle computer for any vehicle. Whether it’s equipped to a tractor going through a bumpy construction site or a forklift in a warehouse on a hot summer’s day, the Rugged Mini tank will be able to perform as if it was sitting in an air conditioned office.


Tangent Rugged Mini E3
Tangent Rugged Mini E3


Rugged Mini E3

The Rugged Mini E3 is the latest in the E line of rugged computers from Tangent. The Rugged Mini E3 is one of the most powerful rugged computers out there, sporting one of the latest Intel Core I7 processors and a built in graphics controller. This small rugged computer packs a massive punch, and with Windows 7 and 10 available it can put this power to good use on any computer program. The Rugged Mini E3 also comes equipped with extra drive bays, meaning that you can expand its memory capacity whenever needed—by terabytes. The Rugged Mini E3 is perfect for situations where human error can lead to a rugged computer being needlessly left on, as it features an auto-shutoff timer. This makes the Rugged Mini E3 ideal for vehicle mounting, ensuring that a left-on computer will not drain the battery.


Tangent Rugged Mini S
Tangent Rugged Mini S


Rugged Mini S

The Rugged Mini S from Tangent is a sleeker rugged computer, being 33% lighter than the Rugged Mini Tank. No compromises were made to achieve this smaller size however, the Rugged Mini S also sports one of the latest Intel Core I7 processors and can be equipped with a massive 32 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. RAM stands for random access memory, and serves as a temporary storage area for programs that are in use. Having more RAM built into a computer means that the computer can multitask on numerous programs without lag. The large capacity of RAM on the Rugged Mini S makes it perfect for situations where numerous programs must be run at the same time, such as on a medical cart. When equipped to a medical cart, the Rugged Mini S can operate all the various sensors and programs required of it simultaneously, without delay. The Rugged Mini S also features a TPM security module that protects the rugged computer from any unauthorized requests for sensitive information, saving your hospital from costly data breaches.


Tangent Rugged Mini I
Tangent Rugged Mini I


Rugged Mini I

The Rugged Mini I from Tangent ups the ante when it comes to rugged computers, being able to support not one, not two, but three monitors simultaneously. When you need to work on a complex job that requires multiple programs or web pages operating at the same time, the Rugged Mini I is your solution. Triple monitor support also makes this rugged computer perfect for digital signage, as its wide operating temperature range and solid chassis allows it to display advertisements or information consistently. Clocking in a mere 2.42 pounds, this rugged computer can be placed in any situation while providing the power needed to display extremely large images. 


Tangent Rugged Mini Q1
Tangent Rugged Mini Q1


Rugged Mini Q1

We’ve explored four of our top rugged computers on this list, with features ranging from triple monitor support to extreme temperature operation. But by far my favorite rugged computer in the Tangent line up is the Rugged Mini Q1 for one simple reason: it’s the smallest one yet. To call the Rugged Mini Q1 a “mini PC” is an understatement, the Q1 weighs 1.29 pounds, that’s almost half the weight of the already incredibly small Rugged Mini I. The extreme lightweightedness of this rugged computer is matched by its tiny dimensions, coming in at 4.33 inches by 4.56 inches by 1.93inces—less than 2 inches tall! This insanely small size allows for the Rugged Mini Q1 to fit between a monitor and it’s mount, making this rugged computer ideal for situations where room is scarce. The Rugged Mini Q1 comes with Windows 7 or 10 preinstalled, and has the CPU and RAM  power needed to run medical, industrial, or advertisement software.


Panel PCs for Manufacturing Facilities

There is no longer any doubt that computers are an invaluable tool for the manufacturing process, and not just a trivial trend. The rise of networked computers being widely accessible has ushered in the era of industry 4.0, in which computing power is no longer a luxury but a base requirement. But not just any computer can withstand the conditions presented by a factory floor. Home computers are not built with manufacturing facilities in mind, employing fan based cooling systems that would choke up in a factory. Commercial computers are a step up, but also face durability issues in factory environments.


Panel PCs from Tangent are designed specifically for manufacturing facilities, and can be used in nearly every aspect of your factory floor. All-in-one Panel PCs from Tangent do not require a mouse, keyboard, or large bulky tower to operate. The entire computer is housed in a sleek, flat monitor that supports industry standard VESA mounting and can be placed anywhere. This space-efficient design saves valuable factory floor space, as panel PCs do not require entire desks to be placed for their use. 

Vita KW 19
Tangent Vita KW 19

VITA KW Panel PC Line


The Vita KW Panel PC line from Tangent meets the demands of a manufacturing facility, with four sizing options to fit every workstation at the factory. Vita KW Panel PCs come equipped with both Ethernet and Wifi capabilities, ensuring that these panel PCs will be able to connect easily to your pre-existing network. Like all panel pcs, the Vita KW line does not require extra peripherals such as mice, keyboards, or towers to function; the built-in true flat touchscreen is as intuitive for workers to use as their own cell phones.


Not only is the Vita KW panel PC line better for workers, it is also better for the efficiency of the factory floor. Vita KW panel PCs can optionally be fitted with an RFID module, which allows the panel PC to utilize RFID tracking technology without needing an external third party reader. In factories where unfinished pieces are tracked and processed with RFID chips, the Vita KW line of panel PCs can streamline this process and allow for better data tracking. For factories that use standard barcodes for tracking, Vita KW panel PCs can be optionally equipped with built-in barcode scanners. Whichever logistics system your manufacturing facility uses, the Vita KW panel PC line will be able to track it.

Tangent S Series 19"
Tangent S Series 19″

S Series Panel PC Line


Industrial computers need to be able to withstand the toughest environments a factory floor can offer, and the S Series panel PC line from Tangent was designed with this fact in mind.The S Series is IP69K certified to be extremely water resistant, being able to withstand blasts of stray liquids with ease. The fanless cooling design of the S Series negates dust ingress, ensuring that the S Series can operate in dust filled environments as effectively as dust-free ones. Panel PCs not only need to survive potential water damage and dust build up, but also physical conditions common in the manufacturing process. The S Series of Panel PCs are rated for 1G vibration resistance, meaning that the S Series can be mounted in conditions in which other computers would not be able to withstand.


Rugged PCs Made for the Military

Whether it’s a months long deployment, or a routine test, having the right rugged PC for your military operation is critical to the success of the mission. Rugged PCs work in situations that commercial PCs simply can not operate in, being designed to endure harsh, ever changing environments. Here are some critical features of Rugged PCs that make them perfect for military use:


Built Tough

When there’s no telling what the next environment you’ll be in is, having personnel worry if their PC can survive is the last thing you want them to be doing. Rugged PCs like the Rugged Mini E3 from Tangent are built with this in mind, meeting military standards for dust, shock, vibration, rain, humidity, solar radiation, altitude, and temperature extremes. Tangent’s custom fanless designs on their rugged PCs ensures that no matter how dusty or dirty a situation gets, there is no chance that anything will get inside your rugged PC. Military grade shock resistance means that rugged PCs from Tangent can take a beating and keep operating as though they were in a civilian office.

Rugged Mini E3
Rugged Mini E3

Built Smart

Just because you’re in a remote location doesn’t mean you don’t need top of the line computing power. Tangent knows that having durable equipment is important, but ultimately the power of the equipment is what makes the difference in operations. Rugged PCs like the Rugged Mini Tank from Tangent are not just built tough, they’re built smart. With powerful i7 quadcore processors built in, rugged PCs from Tangent can run any programs required of them. Even better, having the latest i7 chips ensures that these rugged PCs will be able to run any new software that is developed without needing upgrades.

Rugged Mini Tank
Rugged Mini Tank

Built Versatile

What good is having top of the line durability and power if you can’t use it? Rugged PCs from Tangent are built to be extremely versatile, and fit for every situation required of them. Rugged PCs like the Rugged Mini E2 from Tangent are ready to perform in any environment they are needed in. With a wide-ranging power input going form 9 VDC to 48 VDC, this Rugged PC can be fitted into a jeep, tank, or troop transport all the same. WIth VESA/DIN-Rail mounting, Rugged PCs from Tangent can be securely mounted in any location. With Windows 10 preloaded onto the system, military personnel will be able to use these military grade computers in intense situations as easily as they use their own personal laptops.

Rugged Mini E2
Rugged Mini E2

Rugged PCs aren’t just built with the military in mind, they’re built for the military. Rugged PCs from Tangent meet and exceed the standards set forth by the military, all while providing the power and comfort of civilian computers.

Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs for Automation

When it comes to repetitive and mundane tasks, workers often experience burnout or a lack of enthusiasm towards their work. This is where industrial PCs can make a difference, automating the repeating tasks of a factory floor and freeing up workers to take on more stimulating jobs. As industrial PC power grows, the ways in which automation can help your factory floor achieve greater productivity also grow.

Industrial PC
Tangent’s VITA KW Industrial PC

Freeing Up Workers

We’ve come a long way from the days where an employee would stand for eight hours, tightening the same bolt into the same position across hundreds of units. Today, industrial PCs have automated the bulk of easy, repetitive tasks. This allows for workers who would have previously been stuck doing such tasks to take on more engaging roles. With industrial PCs that come equipped with factory proof panel screens, workers can check in on how automated jobs are performing without the hassle of using an outdated mouse-and-keyboard setup. Mounted industrial PCs allow workers to quickly check up on the assembly line, and get right back to work.


Increasing Workplace Safety Without Decreasing Productivity

No one wants to work in an unsafe environment, and studies show that happy workers are productive workers. Industrial PCs can provide your workplace with a safe way to automate the jobs that have the potential to be dangerous, while increasing productivity. In addition, industrial PCs can be hooked up to your factory’s network, allowing industrial PCs to take full advantage of all the various sensors present on the floor. When industrial PCs are networked with sensors, they can alert workers to changes in production, safety concerns, and general announcements from management. The ease of access that industrial PC panels offer means that in the event of an emergency on the floor, workers will know exactly what is going on, and how to react properly.

Industrial Computer
Tangent’s R14 Industrial Computer

Reducing Worker Fatigue

From clocking in to getting employee feedback, industrial PCs make reducing worker fatigue a simple and attainable goal. With industrial PC tablets that can be used on the go, workers can clock in and out of the job without having to wait in a long line. Instead, they can simply clock in and out with their personal industrial PC tablet, saving them valuable break time and ensuring that they are refreshed when they return to work. In addition, equipping your workforce with industrial PC tablets means that when management needs to gain valuable worker insight, they don’t have to call a meeting and stop the assembly line. Instead, they can push out a survey or questionnaire to the workforce who can then provide feedback immediately.


Industrial PCs: Automation Made Easy


There’s no better way to automate parts of your factory than with industrial PCs. Whether you need to automate a potentially dangerous task, upgrade employee communications, or increase productivity, industrial PCs from Tangent have your back.