Industrial Computers From Tangent For 24/7 Factories

Industrial Computers Built To Run 24/7

As the U.S. industrial sector continues to expand, factories are looking for new ways to beat the competition in terms of efficiency and productivity. This may mean that creating multiple shifts and transitioning your facility to operate around the clock is in your factory’s future. But even if your workers can operate in three separate shifts, their equipment cannot. Making sure that the equipment your workers use can withstand 24/7 use is crucial to maximizing your facility’s productivity and efficiency.

Industrial Computers Built For 24/7 Use

Industrial computers are computers custom-designed to operate in factories, oil rigs, and every other industrial facility currently in use. Unlike commercial grade computers, industrial computers are able to withstand the temperatures and environments of the industrial sector with ease. But not all industrial computers are built equal. Industrial computers are seldom designed to operate on a 24/7 schedule—unless they are designed by Tangent. Tangent designs all of their industrial computers to be able to withstand a 24/7 use cycle with ease. Here’s how:

All-In-One PC Housing

In order to maintain a 24/7 use cycle, industrial computers need to be designed accordingly. One way to accomplish this is design the industrial computer as an all-in-one PC. All-in-one PCs are industrial computers that are similar to tablets in that the entire PC is contained behind the screen. All-in-one PCs like the S Series from Tangent make full use of this technology in their design. The S Series, when equipped with a solid state drive, features no moving parts whatsoever. In addition to its touchscreen, this means that the S Series rarely requires maintenance, making it perfect for 24/7 use.

S Series Of Industrial Compuers
      S Series Of Industrial Computers

Extreme Temperature Resistance

A 24/7 use cycle means that an industrial computer must be able to withstand wide ranges of temperatures. From chilly nights to scorching days, the F15 all-in-one PC from Tangent can do just that. Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -4 – 140°F, this all-in-one PC is ready for any environment. Even when used on an oil processing facility under the desert sun, the F15 will run as though it was positioned in an air conditioned office. 

F15 Industrial PC From Tangent
             F15 Industrial Computer

24/7 U.S. Based Technical Support

If your facility intends to run 24/7, then your technical support should run 24/7 too. Tangent’s United States based technical support agents are more than ready to assist you in all your technical support needs at any time. Whether it’s in the middle of the night or during a lunch break, Tangent’s trusted technical support team is there to keep your factory humming along. With remote troubleshooting, advance parts exchange, and on-site technician availability, Tangent’s United States based technical support team ensure your facility’s 24/7 dream comes true.

Tangent: Built For 24/7

If you want to upgrade your facilities’ equipment to run 24/7, then Tangent’s lineup of all-in-one PCs are the way to go. Combined with their 24/7 technical support, Tangent’s all-in-one PCs are the perfect fit.

Smart factories can benefit from complex networks built by rugged mini pcs from Tangent

Industrial Computers For Complex System Networking

When making a new network for your facility, there are many things to consider. Should you invest in smart factory infrastructure entirely? How many networks should your factory have? How many switches and routers do you need? While these are some of the most pressing questions, the question of the actual computers that will comprise the network should not be overlooked. While traditional computers rely on switches to create a network across multiple computers, there are other options that can be more effective. Industrial computers from Tangent can create networks via switches or simply by being connected to one another, allowing for more choices in your network building process.

Industrial Computers Are Perfect For Complex Systems

Complex networks require advanced infrastructure, and industrial computers from Tangent are more than advanced enough to be the building blocks for your factory’s network. Tangent’s lineup of rugged computers are built for the factory setting. These rugged computers can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 185°F with ease, making them perfect for nearly any facility.

In addition to this wide operating temperature range, rugged computers from Tangent are specially designed for every industrial need, including the creation of complex networks. Every rugged computer from tangent has, at minimum, two Ethernet ports. This allows Tangent’s rugged computers to connect to two networks at once, allowing for the daisy chaining of rugged computers.

More Ethernet Ports: More Networks

While it is common to see the use of centralized networks in most facilities, the use of decentralized networks is not to be ignored. Decentralized networks differ from centralized networks in that instead of every computer being connected to one network, computers are networked to each other directly. This has distinct advantages in certain situations, namely that a large bandwidth use by one computer does not slow the whole network down.

One way to accomplish a decentralized network is with industrial computers from Tangent. Rugged computers like the Rugged Mini FX come standard with four separate Ethernet ports. With four Ethernet pots, this rugged computer can connect to four separate networks. This means that it can potentially connect to four other industrial computers, which are all in turn connected to three other computers, and so on. Or, the Rugged Mini FX can connect to three industrial computers and a separate, centralized network. The possibilities with multiple Ethernet ports are endless.

If four Ethernet ports are not enough for your complex system needs, then the Rugged Mini C from Tangent is the way to go. This industrial computer has a whopping six Ethernet ports. This nearly absurd amount of Ethernet ports allows the Rugged Mini C to potentially connect to six separate networks. With an optional solid state drive, this industrial computer can make the most out of its six Ethernet ports.

Complex Systems Don’t Have To Be A Complex Headache

With industrial computers from Tangent, creating complex systems doesn’t have to be a chore. Industrial computers can help you create complex networks that are ready to help your facility transition into a smart factory.

Industrial PCs For Dusty Environments

Industrial Computers For Dusty Environments

While some industrial spaces restrict the amount of dust circulating throughout the facility, the matter of the fact is that most industrial facilities harbor dust and other pollutants. While workers can easily avoid this dust, their industrial computers may not be as lucky. Typical industrial computers require outside air be brought into the case in order to cool off the delicate central processing units (CPUs), normally via a fan based cooling system. Without proper cooling, CPUs can overheat, rendering  the entire industrial computer useless.

However, the very same system that preserves the integrity of the CPU can actually cause long term harm as well. Fan based cooling systems excel in environments where air is filtered on a regular basis, such as in offices or at home, but falter when used in dusty environments. CPUs are cooled when their fans pass cool air through what is known as a heat sink, which appears as a metal comb elongated so that it’s teeth are inches wide. Typically, heat transfers from the CPU to the teeth of the heat sink, where cool air circulated by the fan removes the heat from the heat sink to the outside of the case. 

In a dusty environment, the air brought in by the industrial computer’s fan slowly builds up along the channels between the heat sink’s teeth. Overtime, the heatsink’s channels begin to be impassable to fresh air, and the heatsink has no way of expelling heat. The heatsink continuously heats up, and eventually the excess heat begins damaging the CPU. 

Fanless Computers: Working Where Others Can’t

Fanless computers are an elegant solution to this conundrum, circulating no air throughout the body of the industrial computer. Without a fan, no dust builds up in the industrial computer and it remains functional even in the dustiest of environments. Fanless computers function in the same way traditional industrial computers operate, except that they feature a passive cooling system. 

This passive cooling system is just as, if not more, reliable than fan based cooling systems without opening up the industrial computer to the dusty environment it exists in. The industrial PC fanless solution solves one of the biggest problems for industrial computers, opening them up to a wider range of use.

Industrial PC Fanless Solution: Rugged Mini E3

The Rugged Mini E3 Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution
The Rugged Mini E3 Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution

Without a fan, the Rugged Mini E3 from Tangent makes full use of the industrial PC fanless solution. Capable of working environments where temperatures can reach up to a scorching 158°F, the Rugged Mini E3 is one fanless computer that proves fans are not necessary to maintain proper cooling. With up to 32 gigabytes of RAM and a 6th Intel processor, the Rugged Mini E3 fanless computer can easily handle any industrial program you throw at it.

Industrial PC Fanless Solution: Rugged Mini S

The Rugged Mini S Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution
The Rugged Mini S Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution

Proving that industrial computing power does not have to be limited to a desk, the Rugged Mini S from Tangent is built to be used on the go. As an in-vehicle computer, the Rugged Mini S is capable of utilizing a wide range of voltages starting as low as 9 VDC and up to 28 VDC. With this kind of versatility, the Rugged Mini S fanless computer is the perfect companion for nearly every worker in a vehicle. With built-in Wifi and Bluetooth, the Rugged Mini S is capable of being used anywhere in a facility, and especially while on the move.

Industrial PC Fanless Solution: Rugged Mini G

The Rugged Mini G Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution
The Rugged Mini G Is One Industrial PC Fanless Solution

Whether it’s in a mill, foundry, or factory, the Rugged Mini G Fanless Computer from Tangent is ready to excel. With an operating temperature range of 14° to 131°F, the Rugged Mini G is capable of handling life in facilities with wide fluctuations in temperature with ease. This fanless computer comes with either Wall Mount, VESA 75/100, or DIN Rail mounting systems, making it a flexible addition to your industrial computer fleet.

Industrial PC Fanless Solutions: The Right Choice

While every facility has its own unique needs, there is not a single one that won’t benefit from the introduction of fanless computers. With fanless computers, your industrial computers can operate longer with less maintenance and perform in environments where their fan based peers simply cannot. 


High Performance Industrial PCs by Tangent

Panel Computer- Industrial Panel Computer

When it comes to the industrial sector, having the right industrial computer for the job is crucial to maintaining a productive facility. That’s why at Tangent, we thoroughly examine every possible role that our high performance industrial computers can play in a facility and design them accordingly. At Tangent, we examine industry trends and needs in order to maintain and improve the broadest possible lineup of industrial computers.


While all of Tangent’s industrial computers are designed to last for years in rugged environments, there are features and options that make each individual industrial PC unique. Here are some of Tangent’s top high performance industrial computers that are built for high performance and productivity in the most rugged environments.



VITA KW Line of Industrial PCs
VITA KW Line Of Industrial Computers

The VITA KW line of high performance industrial computers from Tangent features three different sizes for every industrial need. These all-in-one industrial PCs come in 15, 19, and 22 inch wide models, ensuring that there is a VITA KW for every workstation regardless of available space. Featuring Intel 6th Generation processing units, the VITA KW line has enough power to handle bulky industrial software with ease. Not only can these industrial computers withstand the most intensive industrial software, but they can also handle some of the harshest industrial environments. With a fanless cooling system, the VITA KW can operate in environments where dust, metal shavings, and other pollutants are a fact of life without needing to be regularly cleaned. With an IP65 rated water resistant front panel, these industrial computers are built to withstand any and all environments.


S Series 

S Series Of Industrial Compuers
S Series Of Industrial Computers

If your facility handles liquids that have the potential to leak out at any time, then the S Series of high performance industrial computers from Tangent is the solution for you. The S Series was built for liquid handling facilities, allowing workers to operate their industrial computer in any part of the facility regardless of its proximity to liquids. The S Series is IP69K certified waterproof, able to withstand both dust and liquid intrusion to the highest degree possible. This allows workers to use these industrial computers anywhere in a liquid handling facility, or with wet hands without consequence. With flexible mounting options, the S Series of industrial computers is truly built to operate anywhere in a liquid handling facility.



VITA 474 Industrial PC
VITA 474 Industrial Computer

When multitasking is more than just a buzzword, the V474 industrial computer from Tangent is the way to go. With 32 gigabytes of RAM, the V474 is capable of handling multiple industrial programs at once. Whether it’s solidworks, warehouse management software, or simply dozens of web browser tabs, the V474 is capable of handling them all simultaneously. With multiple I/O ports of various typing, this high performance industrial computer can also serve to monitor multiple lines of production at once. Not only is the V474 industrial computer a versatile multitasker, but it can withstand temperatures of up to 122ºF with ease.



F15 Industrial PC From Tangent
F15 Industrial Computer

Blending the flexibility of an industrial computer tablet with the robustness of a standard industrial PC, the F15 industrial computer from Tangent is the perfect in-vehicle computer. With both VESA and M8 heavy-duty screw mounting systems, the F15 high performance industrial computer is capable of being mounted on nearly every industrial vehicle. Featuring 10 programmable function keys, the F15 is capable of being operated by vehicle drivers with one hand without distracting them from driving. Built-in Wifi enables the F15 to stay connected to your facility’s network regardless of where the industrial PC is mounted. Workers need not worry about accidentally parking their forklift in an area with liquid exposure, as every panel of the F15 is IP65 rated water resistant and will not be damaged. 



R14 Industrial Computer Tablet From Tangent
R14 Industrial PC Tablet

Powerful computing does not have to be limited to mounted industrial computers; the R14 industrial PC tablet from Tangent proves this with a powerful Intel 8th generation quad core processor. The R14 high performance industrial PC tablet makes no sacrifices in the power department in order to be portable, with some of the latest Kaby Lake R SoC integrated CPU architecture and a powerful nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card. The R14 is perfect for workers who are constantly on the move, but whose job requires constant access to powerful industrial programs. Blending power and portability, the R14 allows on-the-move workers the flexibility to multitask across a wide range of programs with its 32 gigabytes of RAM. With a lightweight and rugged Magnesium chassis, the R14 high performance industrial PC tablet is easily carried and can withstand the occasional accidental drop without damage.



P13 Industrial Computer Tablet From Tangent
P13 Industrial Computer Tablet

When working with large files, it can be frustrating to wait long periods of time as the data transfers from one industrial PC to another. The P13 industrial PC tablet from Tangent elegantly solves this dilemma by being both a high performance industrial PC tablet and mounted computer. With standard VESA mounting, the P13 industrial PC tablet can be quickly and easily transformed into a workstation PC. On the move, the P13 has hot-swap battery technology allowing for nearly 24/7 use. Simply plug in a charged battery, use the P13 for up to six hours, then simply replace the exhausted battery with a freshly charged one for another six hours of industrial use.



R10 Industrial PC Tablet From Tangent
R10 Industrial Computer Tablet

High temperature resistance does not have to be limited to just mounted industrial PCs, the R10 industrial PC tablet from Tangent can withstand high temperatures while also being mobile. The R10 high performance industrial PC tablet is perfect for workers in environments where temperatures can vary widely. Being able to withstand temperatures of up to 104°F, the R10 is capable of being a worker’s goto industrial PC tablet for working on the move. With up to a 480 gigabyte solid state drive (SSD), the R10 promotes computing, being able to write and retrieve data in its storage far faster than traditional computers. When the speed of its SSD is combined with the functionality of its programmable function keys, the R10 industrial PC tablet is the fastest way for workers to respond to workplace emergencies.



P10 Industrial Computer Tablet From Tangent
P10 Industrial PC Tablet

While all of Tangent’s industrial PCs have a satisfactory amount of I/O ports, the P10 industrial PC tablet has a near excessive amount of them. With 12 I/O ports of various typing, the P10 is perfect for situations where multiple peripherals are in use at once. To complement this wide range of I/O ports, the P10 also has a VGA port for a second monitor. This allows the P10 high performance industrial PC tablet to take full advantage of its I/O ports by giving the P10 enough screen space for every input. With all these I/O ports, the P10 can quickly become a jungle of cables. Anticipating this, Tangent has designed the P10’s docking system with an advanced cable management system that turns the jungle of cables into a neat garden.


High Performance Industrial Computers: Every Occasion, Every Use

With such a wide variety of high performance industrial computers, there is sure to be one that solves a problem in your facility. High performance industrial PCs from Tangent are purpose built to serve workers in every field when traditional commercial grade computers simply will not do. 

Industrial Grade PCs

The Smart Factory May Save U.S. Manufacturing

It’s no secret that U.S. manufacturing has been in a steady decline in recent years. Outsourcing, cost of labor, and other factors have made the price of manufacturing in the U.S. soar. But this trend may soon reverse, as a survey by Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) suggests, thanks in part to the revolution of smart factories. A smart factory, as described the survey, is one utilizing the latest technology such as industrial grade PCs to create a digitized factory. Deploying the latest technology into your factory can help transform it into a smart factory, potentially tripling productivity.

The Stagnation Of Labor Productivity

While wages for workers have remained relatively constant over the last few decades, productivity has seen a drastic increase. This is good news for manufacturers, as it allows for a wider profit margin. However, this trend appears to have come to an end as the survey concluded, “In spite of the continual improvements in equipment, software, and management approaches, the annual labor productivity growth rate in the United States was around 0.7 percent in the years between 2007 and 2018, and showed zero net average growth during the past five years.”


However, factories in the process of turning into or are already smart factories have reported up to 10% gains in as little as three years. These early adopters of the smart factory lifestyle expect to increase their productivity across the board another 2% over the next year!


Transforming Your Factory Into A Smart Factory

In an age where even your fridge can be “smart” it is important that we determine what a smart factory actually looks like. In order to truly be a smart factory, it will take more than just having wifi for everyone’s laptops. Deploying and utilizing the internet of things (IoT), smart transfer systems, cloud computing technology, analytics, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality systems will be crucial to the smart factory of tomorrow. One thing that all of these new technologies have in common is their ability to utilize industrial grade PCs.


Rugged Mini C

Industrial grade PCs will play a critical role in tomorrow’s smart factory, as they can serve to network your factory’s many individual systems into one, central dogma. Take the Rugged Mini C, which is an industrial grade PC that has up to eight highspeed ethernet ports in its small frame. The Rugged Mini C is the perfect industrial grade PC for creating a network of devices around your factory, and can hook seven different pieces of equipment up to the network with ease; better allowing your factory to connect and be a part of the IoT. Creating such a network of industrial grade PCs will allow every piece of equipment to be fully utilized in all the ways a smart factory demands, as listed above.


Don’t Let Productivity Stall, Make Your Factory Smarter

It’s simple math that 12% gains in productivity are fundamentally better than 0%, and in today’s competitive market this margin can make all the difference. Industrial grade PCs can help smartify your factory, and bring it inline with the fourth industrial revolution. Don’t sit your factory out on the sidelines of progress, put it into the game with industrial grade PCs.

Industrial Grade PCs

How Can Stress Be Reduced In The Industrial Workplace? Industrial Grade PCs May Hold The Key.

Stress impacts us in a variety of different ways. From our relationships with others to our quality of sleep, stress limits our ability to function at our prime. When workers bring stress into the job site, it can lead to a drastic increase in accidents in the workplace. According to Dr. David Spiegel, a medical director of the Stanford Center on Stress and Health, “[i]t’s very clear that a big proportion of safety problems are due to human error, and some of that is related to stress.” Companies hoping to retain the edge in the increasingly competitive industrial sector will need to find ways to reduce stress and hassle in the workplace, not only to avoid costly accidents but to increase productivity overall. To that end, industrial grade PCs offer a compelling avenue for decreasing frustrations in the workplace, freeing workers from the stress of handling subpar technology.

Industrial Grade PC’s are Tough, Versatile Products Employees Can Rely Upon.

When an employee is faced with pressing deadlines and the day-to-day demands of their job, the last thing they need is a piece of equipment they cannot rely upon. Industrial grade PCs perform where commercial PCs cannot. For instance, the R14 Industrial Tablet PC, featuring a 14” screen and dual, high capacity batteries that can sustain up to 18+ hours of demanding video-based programs, allowing for usage well beyond the typical 8-hour workday. The R14 can also, like many other of Tangent’s industrial grade PCs, withstand temperatures ranging from -4° to 140°F, allowing for use in nearly any industrial or manufacturing environment. Without the worry about whether or not their equipment can perform across a wide range of environments, and with a battery capacity over twice the standard workday , employees with industrial grade PCs can focus solely on the critical aspects of their role.

Up To The Task: Powerful Industrial Grade PCs.

Sluggish, unresponsive technology is annoying for anyone to deal with, even more so for employees relying on that technology to perform vital roles in their company. Fortunately, Tangent’s line of industrial grade PCs come packed with power. Industrial grade PCs like the Rugged Mini E3 sport up to an Intel 6th Gen. Core i7, along with 32GB of DDR4 RAM, to guarantee lightning-fast response times with even the most demanding programs. Commercial PCs may be able to offer similar responsiveness, but only industrial-grade PCs marry that performance to resilience. Industrial grade PCs. such as the VITA KW. feature dust and water resistance, backed by an IP65 certified rating, along with a fanless cooling system that prevents the buildup of particulates that can lead to the degradation found in less durable commercial PCs. Employees can rest easy knowing their industrial grade PCs will hold up in the toughest of workplaces.

The Fusion of Productivity and Flexibility: Industrial Grade PCs.

No one wants to be stressed, but the accumulation of stress in the workplace seems more and more like a fact of life. Industrial grade PCs from Tangent can help negate stress in the workplace. With incredible battery life and lightning-fast Intel processors, Industrial Grade PCs can give your workers one less thing to worry about.

Industrial Computers for Desert Applications

Industrial PCs For Desert Use

There’s one environment that is seemingly designed to destroy computers from the inside out. Scorching heat that prevents CPUs from cooling down, kicked up sand that threatens to short circuit motherboards, and a cascading environment that can change in the blink of an eye. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m referring to the desert. Even though deserts constitute 33% of the entire world, our modern day computers struggle to operate for even a few hours in the conditions presented by them. This is unfortunate, as many industrial operations such as mining and oil extraction occur there. Luckily, Tangent’s Industrial PC Line features computers that can not only operate under the extreme conditions of the desert, but thrive in them.

Mini C3

Extreme Temperature Operation.

One of the main challenges of operating an industrial site in the desert is the wide range of temperatures one can expect. Freezing nights quickly turn into scorching days, and commercial computers simply cannot handle such variations on a daily basis. Industrial PCs like the Rugged Mini E3 from Tangent have extreme temperature operating ranges, being able to operate from -13°F to as hot as 158°F, easily meeting the demands of even the most perilous desert. 

Mini C1

Sand Proof Casing

Sand presents a unique problem in the industrial sector, as it can quickly wear down equipment or otherwise pollute it. Sand presents an even greater threat to computers, being able to destroy a computer’s delicate innards simply by touching them in the wrong location. Traditional computers have fan-based cooling systems that are prone to sucking up and storing dust on the inside of the case; in the desert these computers would instead suck up sand and destroy themselves. Tangent’s rugged industrial PCs like the Rugged Mini C1 have passive, fanless cooling systems that keep the PC cool without letting dust or sand in. This allows them to work in the harsh desert without worry that their components will be damaged.

Mini Tank

Extreme Shock And Vibration Resistance

Industrial equipment is loud, it’s heavy, and it vibrates. Industrial PCs from Tangent are built just for this sort of working environment, and can be placed anywhere on the job site regardless of the equipment surrounding it. The Rugged Mini Tank is the goto example of Tangent’s engineering here, living up to its name. The Rugged Mini Tank has Military Grade vibration resistance, being able to withstand the rigors of military use with ease. This allows it a special use on industrial job sites, being able to perform in any scenario.

Rugged Mini Li Industrial Computer

Adaptable To Your Needs

No two jobs are the same, and every situation needs a unique solution. Tangent’s industrial PC lineup features PCs like the Rugged Mini L1, with a sleek form factor that can fit in practically any space. This 2 pound industrial PC is lightweight enough to be placed anywhere on the job site, and sleek enough to fit into even the smallest of crevices. Our Mini Industrial PCs can turn any space, regardless of size, into a workstation.


Waterproof Computers

Waterproof Computers and Waterproof PCs

Water, dust, bacteria: these three contaminants and many more can spell disaster if they come into contact with your work PCs. Anyone who’s worked in a factory, food or beverage processing plant, or pharmaceutical plant knows that these contaminants can easily find their way into any nook or cranny available. PCs in these settings are no exception, and over time can fail, or require intensive maintenance to repair, due to contaminant ingress. Some companies attempt to retrofit their existing commercial grade PCs in order to make them seemingly waterproof, but these well-intentioned jury rigs are not certified or guaranteed to work. 


Only properly Ingress Protection(IP) rated waterproof computers are certified to be water resistant and waterproof. These wide ranging standards help computer companies design PCs from the ground up to be contaminant protected, ensuring a PC in any work environment can operate as long and effectively as a commercial PC sitting in an office building. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has created the IP guidelines in order to help both computer companies and their customers find the right waterproof computer for their job site. 


These guidelines have varying levels of ingress protection that are applied to PCs based on how well they operate while withstanding the elements. Ranging from IP00 up to IP69k, the IP scale covers everything—from PCs that are completely susceptible to water damage to PCs that can withstand high pressure water jets. The two digit number represents the PCs resistance to solids and liquids: the first number indicates solid resistance on a scale of 1 to 6; the second number signifies the PC’s water resistance, on a scale from 1 to 9k (the additional k rating is unique to the 9 liquid rating).


Every work environment is unique and presents its own elemental challenges to be considered when deciding which IP rating you need for your job site. At Tangent, we design nearly all of our PCs and monitors to be at least IP65 certified water resistant and dust proof. At this rating, our PCs are completely dust ingress protected, and impervious to stray water jets. Two of the most common ratings for IP rated PCs are IP65 and IP69K: each of these ratings carries a list of advantages that make them well suited for work environments.


IP65 Rating For PCs and Monitors

When a PC or monitor meets IP65 standards, the device is completely insulated from dust and particle contamination. This means that the enclosure housing the PC or monitor has no openings save for I/O ports. This negates the possibility of dust coming into contact with vital computer components or building up and constituting a health hazard. Commercial PCs feature exhaust ports for their fan-based cooling systems to circulate air through. IP65 rated PCs feature fanless cooling systems, which in addition to being quieter do not require the openings that their fan-based counterparts do. With no fan or openings, IP65 rated PCs and monitors are able to work in dusty or dirty environments without worry.

Industrial PC
VITA KW Industrial PC

At the IP65 rating, PCs like those in the Vita KW Line from Tangent are able to withstand jets of water from any direction on their front panel. This makes IP65 rated PCs close to being waterproof computers, and capable of withstanding environments where liquid presence is a common risk. In food and beverage processing plants, IP65 rated PCs and monitors are perfect for workstations where workers may be moving from a wet assembly line to the PC throughout the day. These nearly waterproof computers also make for easy cleaning, and can be cleaned with traditional cleaning supplies, as though they were just another surface on the factory floor.


While commercial grade computers can be jury rigged into a seemingly waterproof enclosure, they do not carry the IP65 rating and are prone to failure. In addition, their fan-based cooling systems would be choked off from outside air, and computer components may suffer damage from overheating in the stale environment. The only way to ensure that your work PCs are safely effectively dust and waterproof/resistant is by acquiring IP rated PCs from the start. 


IP69k Rating For PCs and Monitors

The IP69K rating is the highest IP level available for waterproof computers to be rated. At this level, PCs are completely dust and particle proof and protected against high temperature and pressure water jets. IP69k rated computers are designed for the dirtiest work environments, and help keep your job site moving. Like IP65 rated PCs, IP69K PCs sport sealed casings and fanless cooling systems. This allows them to be operated in dust riddled environments without any damage to their interior components. However, unlike IP65 rated PCs, IP69K PCs are waterproof computers able to withstand high pressure water bursts with ease.

Tangent S Series 19"
Tangent S Series 19″

IP69K rated waterproof computers are also able to withstand high temperature water jets as well, making them perfect for food and beverage processing facilities where hot liquids are common. Computers like the Tangent S Series are able to withstand hot water blasts and the resultant shock and vibrations that accompany them. In a 24 hour work environment, these computers are to work continuously without needing excessive maintenance due to dust build up, and can easily be cleaned with traditional cleaning supplies or those used on machines. The S Series features a stainless steel enclosure that is corrosion and damage resistant. This is a critical part of the S Series meeting IP69K criteria to being a waterproof computer. There is no bulky enclosure surrounding the S Series that makes it a waterproof computer, instead the PC is one solid device designed around being waterproof.


Waterproof Computers and Monitors In The Workplace

Every work environment is unique, and requires specialized equipment to produce the most efficient workplace possible. IP rated waterproof computers can play a crucial role in helping make a variety of workplaces more productive.


  • Food And BeverageProcessing Plants

The food and beverage processing industry is seeing itself becoming increasingly computerized to meet demand. These computers help parts of the plant communicate with one another and ensures the plant on a whole is running smoothly. But these work environments are highly susceptible to both liquid and particle buildup on surfaces— computers and monitors being no exception. That’s why IP rated waterproof computers are so crucial to food and beverage processing plants, providing non-stop computing power to meet the needs of plants. Not only do IP rated waterproof computers run better in food and beverage processing facilities than their commercial counterparts, but they also help plants meet the rigorous safety guidelines set out by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).   

Industrial Computer F15
F15 Industrial Computer

Tangent’s full lineup of Panel PCs features full-touchscreen monitors that are IP rated waterproof, allowing them to be used with dirty hands without damage. IP rated Panel PCs differ from traditional desktop PCs in that they do not require a mouse, keyboard, or external monitor to operate. They are all-in-one devices capable of performing at the level of desktop computers. The all-in-one design of PCs like the Tangent F15 negates the need for users to have a full desk with a mouse and keyboard. This saves crucial square footage, and allows workers to operate multiple workstations at once. 


These waterproof computers can be mounted virtually anywhere in a plant, as their high water and temperature resistance allows them a nearly universal usage. Their all-in-one design not only allows for mouse and keyboard-less use, but saves IT departments the hassle of trying to find certified waterproof peripherals. 


  • Hospitals and Medical Facilities

There’s no question about it: Waterproof computers are healthier and safer for use in the medical setting than their water susceptible counterparts. So much so, that nearly every medical PC on the market meets some IP rating. Medical computers are required to meet a litany of criteria to be called a medical computer, all centered around ensuring both medical staff and patient safety.


Every medical computer sold in the United States is required to meet UL-60601 guidelines, which ensures that these computers are safe for use around both patients and medical equipment. Medical computers also feature antimicrobial enclosures, which inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on the PC’s surfaces. Antimicrobial additives are baked directly into the enclosures of these PCs, making them resistant to being wiped away during cleaning. The antimicrobial component of medical computers plays a critical role in reducing the likelihood of nosocomial infections, as multiple medical staff can be expected to use the same computer throughout the day. 

Medix T24B Medical Computer

By making our antimicrobial enclosures IP rated waterproof, our medical computers are able to be sanitized and cleaned regularly without fear of stripping the antimicrobial additive. Medical computers like the Medix T24B from Tangent are IP65 rated waterproof, and can withstand regular cleaning with disinfectants. Our medical computers, like our panel PCs, are all-in-one computers that do not require mouses and keyboards to operate. This means that doctors and nurses can interact exclusively with the antimicrobial touchscreen, and not have to worry about the germs they are spreading via keyboard and mouse. If a medical room needs more than one display, Tangent’s Medical Monitor is IP65 rated waterproof and features our antimicrobial additive. 


  • Military and Outdoors

There are no days off for soldiers on the battlefield, and their technology should be able to keep up with their rigorous schedule. IP rated waterproof computers are a crucial component of any successful operation, built specifically to endure the harshest environments the earth has to offer. Tangent’s lineup of rugged computers features PCs that are custom built for situations in which dust and water ingress can cripple an operation. 

Industrial Computer
Tangent’s R14 Industrial Computer

The R14 Tablet from Tangent meets IP65 specifications for water resistance, and is the perfect computer to accompany servicemen on missions. The R14 meets military standards for both shock and vibration, and its IP65 rating means that it can survive a drop into mud or wet dirt with ease. When on a mission, the last thing you want military personnel to be worrying about is whether their computers are working, and the R14 ensures that they won’t have to. In drier environments, the R14 is rated at the highest level for dust ingress, and can survive the dustiest and sandiest environments without damage to interior components.


  • Pharmaceutical 

In the pharmaceutical setting, ensuring that the environment is as safe and sterile as possible is critical to success. Pharmaceutical companies often utilize clean rooms to limit laboratories from being exposed to outside contaminants and bacteria. These clean rooms can only have a certain number of particles in the air, and must be able to be sprayed down for cleaning.

Rugged Mini O
Rugged Mini O

Traditional computers could not handle this environment, and would quickly jeopardize efforts by personnel to create a sterile work environment. Traditional computers utilizing fan-based cooling systems would kick up and collect dust, quickly defeating the purpose of the clean room. Only IP rated computers with a first digit of 6 should be used in these settings, as they do not allow dust to enter their enclosures at all. At Tangent, we have designed the Mini O rugged PC with an IP rating at the maximum of IP69K. This ensures that the Mini O is as safe as possible for clean room usage, and will not negatively impact the cleanliness of the room. The Mini O is a fully waterproof computer, capable of being sprayed down in the clean room without issue. 


  • Industry and Warehouses

It may seem that waterproof computers are highly specialized for specific niche sectors, but this is simply not the case. Every sector can benefit from having waterproof computers in house, even factories not specializing in liquid or medicine production. IP ratings measure both the water resistance and dust resistance of computers; even facilities that do not use liquid in the production process have dust. 


Tangent’s lineup of all-in-one Panel PCs are IP rated waterproof, and perfect for the factory floor. Where there is just not enough room for a full workstation, a Panel PC can operate as a full fledged computer. Most of our Panel PCs feature an IP6x rating, which means that they are fully dust proof. This allows Panel PCs from Tangent to operate on a 24 hour basis without needing excessive maintenance. Full dust protection can make the difference in any industrial setting, quickly turning areas of a factory that lacked automation into fully functioning computerized stations.


Waterproof Computers: Built to Last

At Tangent, we take IP ratings extremely seriously and have designed our lineup of waterproof computers to reflect that. Each model showcased today features some IP rating which makes it resistant to both dust and water, and therefore an ideal choice for work environments that are susceptible to these contaminants. Choosing the right computer for a specific task is crucial to ensuring an efficient workplace, and choosing a waterproof one is one way to produce such a workplace.

Industrial for oil

Industrial Grade Computers for Oil Rigs

Industrial grade computers are the backbone of oil and gas market, being critical to the locating, acquiring, and selling of oil-based products. These computers differ from their commercial counterparts in key ways that affect their ability to perform in the harsh environments commonly found in the oil and gas sector. Oil rigs present a unique problem, being exposed constantly to water and sea air. This unique problem requires a unique solution, and Tangent has that solution in the form of their line of industrial grade computers. Tangent’s award winning industrial grade computer lineup is the perfect solution to digitizing oil rigs.


Industrial Computer
Industrial Computer


Our lineup features PCs that sport: 

  • IP64, IP65, IP66, IP69K sealed water resistant/waterproof
  • Operating temperature ranges as wide as -4° to 140°F
  • Military grade shock resistance
  • Military grade vibration resistance
  • Fanless cooling technology
  • TPM high security modules
  • Watchdog timers



Rugged Mini E3
Rugged Mini E3


Rugged Mini PCs

Offshore Oil Rigs are designed with every square foot in mind, and making the most out of the limited space available is critical. When you need a fully functional workstation but don’t have the room for a bulky PC tower, Rugged Mini PCs from Tangent are ready to go. We have created a fully fledged industrial grade computer in a mini frame, but with the power one needs to run diagnostic software and pumps. With powerful Intel I7 processors and up to 32 gigabytes of ram, these industrial computers don’t sacrifice power for their size. Their fanless cooling systems prevent dust and particle build up common in commercial computers, and with military grade shock and drop resistance available these PCs are built to last. 




Industrial Grade Computer Panels

For quick access to information, or mounted computing solutions that still require a human operator, there’s Tangent’s lineup of industrial grade computer panels. These panel PCs are a flexible approach to computing, and provide oil rigs with easy-to-access mounted PCs. These industrial computers feature full touch screens that IP64, IP65, or IP69K water resistant allowing for outdoor exposure on oil rigs without worry. Their wide operating temperature means that whether its a cold night or blistering hot day, these industrial grade computers will operate just as they are needed. Oil rigs can be a messy environment to work in, and industrial grade computer panels are designed to withstand the messiest hands without affecting performance.


Industrial Tablet
Industrial Tablet


Industrial Grade Computer Tablets

For workers who are constantly moving from one part of the platform to the next, industrial grade computer tablets are able to keep the pace. These touch screen tablets feature all of the benefits of an industrial computer in a mobile device. They are more than ready to experience an accidental drop without long term effects on performance, and their fanless design means that no dust or particles are getting in these guys. These tablets can be equipped with RFID modules, barcode readers, and more to perform vital functions on the go. For automated oil rigs, industrial grade computer tablets make the perfect diagnostic tool for the occasional checkup.


Perfect For Oil Rigs

While there’s no shortage of computer options available for oil rigs, Tangent’s lineup of industrial grade computers is a notch above the rest. Our three categories of industrial grade computers combine to make the perfect mix of solutions for the needs of oil rigs. These high powered, large capacity industrial computers can handle the toughest conditions oil rigs have available and operate as well as onshore models.


Industrial PC Variety

Industrial PC: Many to Choose From

Though extremely important to any industrial setting, PCs are rarely built with these sorts of environments in mind. Commercial and consumer grade PCs simply do not meet the requirements of 24/7 operations in the industrial setting. Industrial PCs are the only PCs built specifically for industrial use, equipped with multiple durability features to ensure stable performance consistently. These feature-packed Industrial PCs are as easy to use as they are powerful, featuring the Windows operating system built in. At Tangent, we have built industrial PCs for every possible situation to ensure that every workstation has the right tool for the job. Our Industrial PCs fall into three categories, each with their own set of features and uses.



Industrial PC Panels

In the industrial setting, every square foot of space needs to be used as effectively as possible to ensure maximum efficiency. Relying on bulky computer towers to meet your industrial PC needs means that you have to sacrifice an entire desk’s worth of space for a single workstation. That’s where Industrial PC Panels from Tangent come in, providing all the power and features one comes to expect from a computer tower without the bulkiness. Industrial PC Panels from Tangent are all-in-one computers, meaning that they function as the tower, mouse, keyboard, and monitor of a traditional computer in one package. 


These Industrial PC Panels are fanless and IP64, IP65, or IP69K certified sealed to be waterproof and dustproof. Coupled with their high operating temperature range, shock resistance, and vibration resistance, these Industrial PCs are able to withstand any industrial environment without damage to internal components.



Fanless Industrial Computer
F15 Industrial PC

F15 Industrial PC Panel

Great for: forklifts | small workstations


  • Programmable function keys
  • Fanless
  • IP65 sealed
  • Wide input voltage
  • VESA mounting
  • Wide operating temperature range


The F15 Industrial PC Panel from Tangent is the perfect all-in-one PC for forklift use, being built with multiple forklift-friendly features. The F15’s programmable functions keys give drivers the ability to assign custom commands for regularly used functions directly to easy to remember buttons  This allows drivers to use the Industrial PC with one hand while operating the lift with the other. With a wide input voltage range and standard VESA mounting, the F15 is capable of being fit to nearly every forklift without hassle. The F15 can be customized to feature an RFID reader, allowing the Industrial PC to act as part of your factory’s logistics network without the need of complicated third party accessories. 


Vita 474
Vita 474


VITA 474 Industrial PC Panel

Great for: forklifts | workstations | factory automation


  • Wide input voltage range
  • Fanless
  • Extreme operating temperature range
  • LCD non-glare touchscreen
  • Up to 32 gigabytes of RAM


The VITA 474 Industrial PC is a heavy duty PC that is capable of taking on multiple programs at once. The VITA 474 is customizable to have up to 32 gigabytes of RAM, which enables to the industrial PC to run multiple programs simultaneously without loading lag. This extensive amount of RAM in conjunction with a solid state drive means that loading times are kept to an absolute minimum. The 18.5 inch touchscreen display is backlit by an LED light, making the display easy to read in any lighting situation. A wide input voltage range allows this Industrial PC to be placed in any work environment, and to switch stations easily without converters.


Tangent S Series 19"
Tangent S Series 19″


S Series Industrial PC Panels

Great for: workstations | carwashes | factory automation


  • IP69K waterproof
  • Vibration resistant
  • Shock resistant
  • Watchdog timer
  • Wide input voltage range


For areas where water exposure is an increased risk, the S Series of Industrial PC Panels from Tangent is the best solution. The S Series of Industrial PCs is customizable to be up to IP69K waterproof, allowing for the Series to be placed in water prone areas without worry. In addition to being waterproof, the S Series is built to be both shock and vibration resistant, allowing for these Industrial PCs to be placed in wet, rumbling environments where other PCs wouldn’t last a second. With built in watchdog timers, the S Series is capable of rebooting itself after experiencing errors without worker intervention. This allows these Industrial PCs to be placed in hard to maintain situations without fear of requiring excessive worker interaction.


Vita KW 19
Vita KW 19


Vita KW Series Industrial PC Panels

Great for: workstations | factory automation


  • Widescreen display
  • LED backlit LCD screen
  • IP65 sealed
  • Wide input voltage
  • Multiple sizing options
  • TPM high security module


The VITA KW Series of Industrial PC Panels  is a line of highly customizable Industrial PCs that make versatile additions to the factory floor. With four different sizing options ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches, there’s a KW Industrial PC for every size workstation. Their wide input voltage range adds to their versatility, and standard VESA mounting makes this line highly adaptable. The VITA KW Series can be customized to sport a barcode reader, RFID module, and smart card reader to better connect to your logistics network. Whichever method of part tracking your factory uses, the VITA KW will be able to integrate into it. Built with TPM modules, the VITA KW Series is a high security Industrial PC that makes sure only authorized personnel are accessing sensitive data. 


Industrial Tablet
Industrial Tablet


Industrial PC Tablets

When the job requires workers to be on their feet, moving from one station to the next, Industrial PC Tablets can make all the difference. Instead of requiring workers to spend time logging in and out of workstation PCs, Industrial PC Tablets allow workers to have constant access to the files and programs they need to complete the job. Tangent’s line of Industrial PC Tablets is built to provide instant network access to workers, wherever they may be in the factory. 


These fanless tablets are designed to be as low maintenance as possible, requiring little to no maintenance even in the dustiest of factories. Their mobility allows for workers to be as efficient as possible, completing tasks while on the move. When integrated into the factory network, managers can easily send out notifications to workers on updates to schedules, proposed meetings, and other useful information. At their core, Industrial PC Tablets are designed to allow workers an easier and more efficient way to work on the move.


Tangent R14


R14 Industrial PC Tablet

Great for: mobile workers | manufacturing | refineries


  • Military shock and vibration resistance
  • Discrete GPU
  • Magnesium chassis
  • Powerful Intel Processor
  • 32 gigabytes RAM
  • Wide operating temperature range


Just because a worker is on the move doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have all the power of an industrial PC at their fingertips. The R14 Industrial PC Tablet from Tangent sacrifices nowhere in bringing mobile computing to your workers, featuring a powerful Kaby Lake Intel processor and up to 32 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. The R14 can even be customized to feature the nVidia Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card for optimal visual performance These powerful components make the R14 the perfect all-in-one Industrial PC for workers who do not have a set workstation PC. The R14 is capable of replacing a workstation PC as the primary PC for a worker, and its lightweight magnesium chassis makes it an easy carry for them. WIth military grade shock and vibration resistance, the R14 can withstand accidental drops as well as rapid movements with ease. 


Tangent P13


P13 Industrial PC Tablet

Great for: mobile workers | manufacturing | refineries


  • Removable batteries
  • Fanless
  • Wide input voltage range
  • VESA mounting
  • Linux ready
  • TPM high security module


The P13 Industrial PC Tablet from Tangent is ideal for workers who may be on the move one day, but at their desk the next. The P13 is capable of being mounted to a standard VESA  mount, allowing this Industrial PC Tablet to quickly and easily transform into an Industrial PC Panel. Being an all-in-one PC, the P13 can be a worker’s primary tablet and workstation PC at the same time, saving them from having to constantly refresh logins and resync their data. The P13 comes equipped with a removable battery that can be charged on a separate charger, meaning less downtime waiting for the tablet to charge and more time performing. The P13 can be customized to feature the Ubuntu Linux operating system, saving IT departments the hassle of installing the operating system from scratch. 


Tangent R10
Tangent R10


R10 Industrial PC Tablet

Great for: mobile workers | temporary workstations


  • Programmable keys
  • Fanless
  • LED backlit LCD touchscreen
  • VESA mounting
  • IP65 sealed
  • Drop rated for 4ft.


The R10 Industrial PC Tablet from Tangent is a lightweight solution to mobile computing, coming in at 4.1 pounds. The R10 is versatile, and perfect for situations where temporary computing power is necessary. With standard VESA mounting, the R10 can transform into an Industrial PC Panel without hassle and provide the same services as an all-in-one PC. With a LED backlit LCD screen, the R10 is easy to read off of in any lighting situation. On the go, the R10 is rated for a 4 foot drop and can easily brush off an accidental drop. With dust and water resistance, the R10 can be mounted or carried through dusty or damp environments without worry. 


Tangent P10
Tangent P10


P10 Industrial PC Tablet

Great for: point of sale service | logistics control


  • Cash drawer port
  • Docking station
  • Barcode, MSR, smart card reader
  • IP54 front panel
  • POS ready


The P10 Industrial PC Tablet from Tangent is a unique outlier in our industrial PC Tablet line, being built with point of sale(POS) services in mind. The P10 is the perfect all-in-one cash register solution, featuring a barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader, and smart card reader for sale services. The docking station features a convenient port for fitting a cash drawer as well as multiple I/O ports for extra peripheral use. To declutter the register area, the docking station comes with a cable management system that keeps the sales area from looking messy. With Wifi built in, the P10 does not need to be plugged into a wall in order to access the internet, and can be placed freely. In the industrial setting, the P10 is perfect for completing small vendor purchases.


Rugged Mini E3
Rugged Mini PC


Mini Rugged Industrial PCs

We have already gone over how Industrial PC Panels can save precious square footage in the factory, but sometimes small isn’t small enough. That’s why Tangent built their line of Mini Rugged Industrial PCs, each equipped with the power of a full tower PC in a mini enclosure. These Mini Industrial PCs are small enough to fit in any work environment, whether it be on the factory floor or at the desk. Their sealed enclosures prevent dust buildup, allowing these Industrial PCs to operate with little maintenance. These Mini PCs are fanless, and feature passive cooling systems that are noiseless and efficient. 


Tangent’s lineup of Mini Industrial PCs are built for situations where computing power is a must, but space is limited. As in-vehicle computers, Tangent’s Mini Industrial PCs can withstand the shocks and vibrations of driving without affecting performance. On the supply-chain, these Industrial PCs can be mounted in tight spaces to perform diagnostics, checkups, or other procedures. At the desk, Mini Industrial PCs are small enough to fit behind a monitor and save desk and floor space.


Tangent Rugged Mini E3
Tangent Rugged Mini E3


Rugged Mini E3 Industrial PC

Great for: in-vehicle computer | video surveillance


  • Fanless
  • Powerful Intel Processor
  • TPM high security module
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Extreme operating temperature range


In-vehicle computers are increasingly a necessity across many industrial sectors, from mining operations to warehouse logistics. The Rugged Mini E3 Industrial PC from Tangent is a powerful mini PC ready to perform as an in-vehicle computer. Its fanless design negates the buildup of dust and other contaminants, allowing the E3 to work in environments where dust and other debris are common. A wide input voltage range allows the E3 to be mounted in nearly every vehicle without extra converters, and an operating temperature range of -13°F to 158°F means that even on the hottest days the E3 will be performing optimally.


Rugged Mini Tank
Rugged Mini Tank


Rugged Mini Tank Industrial PC

Great for: in-vehicle computer 


  • Fanless
  • Powerful Intel Processor
  • Shock resistant
  • Vibration resistant
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Extreme operating temperature range


All of Tangent’s Rugged Mini Industrial PCs are built to be as durable as possible, but sometimes you just need a tank. The Rugged Mini Tank from Tangent is as durable as it is powerful, featuring military grade vibration resistance that makes this Industrial PC the perfect in-vehicle computer for mining equipment. The Rugged Mini Tank features a heavy duty steel enclosure with extruded aluminum that keeps the Tank’s components as secure as possible. The fanless design ensures that dust stays outside of the Tank, and not inside building up. With a wide input voltage range and operating temperature range, this Industrial PC can be equipped to nearly every industrial vehicle in any environment. 


Rugged Mini I
Rugged Mini I


Rugged Mini I Industrial PC

Great for: video display | signage | mobile carts


  • Triple monitor support
  • vPro
  • Powerful Intel processor
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 32 gigabytes RAM


The Rugged Mini I Industrial PC from Tangent is a unique PC, being able to support up to 3 monitors at once. The Mini I accomplishes this by having three display ports, and enough processing power to support them all. With up to 32 gigabytes of RAM, the Mini I can reliably display programs on 3 seperate monitors with no lag from loading. This makes the Mini I ideal for situations where multiple display readouts must be shown at the same location. At a workstation, the Mini I is the ultimate tool for multitaskers, and allows for workers to work without having to scavenge around multiple tabs.


Rugged Mini FX
Rugged Mini FX


Rugged Mini FX Industrial PC

Great for: in-vehicle computer | factory automation | networks


  • Fanless
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Wide input voltage range
  • VESA mounting
  • 4x LAN ports
  • Military vibration resistance


The Rugged Mini FX Industrial PC from Tangent features a massive amount of I/O ports,  making it an ideal Industrial PC for situations where multiple peripherals are necessary. The Mini FX features 4 LAN ports, allowing this Mini PC to be connected to multiple networks without unruly dongles.  With wall mounting or standard VESA mounting options, the Mini FX can be placed in vehicles or on the factory floor. A wide input voltage range allows this Industrial PC to be moved from a workstation to a vehicle without the need for adapters.


Tangent Rugged Mini Q1
Tangent Rugged Mini Q1


Rugged Mini Q1 Industrial PC

Great for: video display | signage | 


  • Ultra mini PC
  • Flexible mounting
  • Wide input voltage range
  • vPro
  • Wide operating temperature range

We’ve seen today that Industrial PCs can come in all shapes and sizes, from 24 inch all-in-ones to mini PCs that fit under a car seat. But to really see the range of Industrial PCs offered by Tangent, we have to talk about the Rugged Mini Q1. At a mere 1.29 pounds, the Mini Q1 weighs less than 2 bottles of water, and is smaller volume wise as well. The Q1 is the ultimate Industrial PC for when size constraints are a top priority, and can be mounted directly behind a monitor. With options for DIN rail mounting, VESA mounting, and wall mounting, the Q1 can fit into any environment with minimal impact.