Industrial PCs Versus Military PCs

Industrial PCs and military PCs are both specialized types of computers that are designed to operate in harsh environments and demanding conditions. But what exactly sets these two types of PCs apart? How do they differ in terms of performance, durability, and functionality? Industrial PCs are designed to operate in industrial environments, such as factories, […]

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Industrial PCs: How They are Used?

Industrial PCs have a form factor between a nettop and a server rack and are used to produce products and services. Industrial PCs are higher dependable and precise standards and are generally more expensive than consumer electronics. In addition, IPCs often use complex instruction sets, such as x86, where reduced instruction sets such as ARM would […]

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indoor farming

Industrial Computers for Indoor and Greenhouse Farming

Tangent offers specialized computers ideal for indoor and greenhouse farming. Humidity, dust, liquids, chemicals, extreme temperature and 24hr redundancy are some of the elements that industrial computers by Tangent were designed to provide.  Engineered for Indoor and Greenhouse Farming Industry-specific computers have been custom engineered with components able to physically withstand environmental demands. The Vita […]

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