Industrial PCs

What is meant by Industrial PC?

There are many computers on the market today: desktops, laptops, All-in-Ones. This blog covers industrial PCs. What they mean. What they are.

An Industrial PC is a computer for industrial application. These computers, when purchased from a reputable source, are well engineered computers made specifically for industrial applications. By nature the environments and use-cases of industries are too harsh for consumer computers. Industrial PCs are made of components that are more durable and rugged. Industrial PCs are made to withstand harsh conditions and wear. These include: ongoing 24/7 performance, inclement weather, freezing, or sweltering temperatures, explosion prone areas, dirty environments, shock or vibrations.

Industrial PCs have greater reliability and industry standards and typically cost more than consumer grade computers. 

An industrial PC is a computer intended for industrial purposes such as the production of goods and services. They can have a form factor between a nettop and a server rack.. Industrial PCs have higher dependability and precision standards, and are generally more expensive than consumer electronics.

An industrial box PC, is an industrial computer enclosed in a box for industrial applications.

Industrial PC Features and Architecture

Industrial PCs are characteristically designed with components selected to withstand harsh and trying conditions. Encased within rugged housing, the internal components are housed within controlled environments.

Common Features:

  • Solid state, fanless cooling
  • Metal construction and enclosures
  • Mountable enclosures (such as VESA wall mount, panel mount)
  • Expansion card retention
  • Watchdog times for automatic system reset
  • Extreme operating temperature ranges, including freezing and scorching temperatures
  • Robust power supply
  • IP Ratings, such as dust proof, water resistant, immersion proof
  • Sealed connectors, MIL-SPEC or Circular-MIL 
  • Heavy-duty controls and screens
  • Controlled access to the controls through the use of locking doors
  • Controlled access to the I/O through the use of access covers

Industrial PC Manufacturing

Industrial PCs are manufactured in smaller quantities.

Industrial PC Applications

Industrial PCs are used in virtually all industrial applications including outdoor kiosks, indoor farming, correctional facilities, self-driving vehicles, schools, fast-food restaurants, fitness centers, and airports.

What is an Industrial Panel PCs ?

An industrial panel pc is a an all-in-one industrial pc. These panel PCs have an integrated touchscreen or display. An industrial panel PC is a specialized computer designed for use in harsh and demanding environments, just like the industrial box PC. Industrial panel PCs are built with rugged components to withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures, dust, moisture, and vibrations. These computers are often fanless to prevent dust ingress and are sealed with high IP ratings (e.g., IP64, IP65, IP66, IP69K) to ensure protection against water and dust. They can feature high-brightness screens for outdoor visibility, explosion-proof options for hazardous locations, and operate reliably in extreme temperatures. Industrial panel PCs are essential for applications where durability, reliability, and continuous operation are critical, such as manufacturing, automation, and outdoor installations.

Tangent, Specialized Industrial PC Manufacturers

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