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5 Key Benefits of Email Archiving with DataCove

Email archiving has many useful benefits and is one of the easiest features that an organization can implement.

What is Email Archiving?

Email archiving solutions store a read-only searchable backup of the data either onsite or offsite using a combination of hardware or secure cloud storage methods. An automated system extracts each message along with any attachments from designated accounts. The information is then indexed and stored for access later. Anyone with access can then use search filters to track down received or sent messages.

Once the emails you’re looking for have been found, archiving solutions like DataCove make it easy and quick to restore them.

Benefits of Email Archiving

Email archiving is an important and helpful business tool for e-discovery and compliance. Storing these emails securely means they can’t be edited or deleted.

We’ve outlined the following key benefits to help you decide if email archiving with DataCove is something you should invest in.

  1. Data Preservation & Recovery – Natural disasters are inevitable and often times unavoidable. In these situations, data on drives can be destroyed by storms, making data recovery even more essential. Email archiving supports this need as well as any other data preservation objectives.
  2. Legal Discovery & Compliance – Email archiving makes it easy to retrieve one or more messages in an unaltered format. Having this capability is beneficial in litigation cases where message information must be retrieved as part of the discovery process. It also helps your company remain compliant with federal regulations.
  3. Productivity Improvement – By clearing unnecessary messages from the inbox and searching for emails that might have been accidentally deleted, email archiving can increase employee productivity.
  4. Centralized Storage & Administration – Email archiving solutions provide a centralized solution that is easy to manage. Employees do not have to spend countless hours maintaining message data, which allows for easier data management and improved productivity.
  5. Cost Management Benefits – Archiving delivers cost-savings opportunities by reducing the amount of required resources for backing up this data and reducing the number of hours needed to maintain them.

Is DataCove the Right Email Archiving Solution for You?

There are a number of key features to consider when thinking about email archiving solutions. From administrative policies to e-discovery features, and ease of use to compliance, the biggest question is: why hasn’t your organization implemented an email archiving solution?

Tangent’s archiving solution, DataCove, simplifies compliance and litigation, archives your email and social media posts, and ensures your business is protected regardless of unexpected situations – all at a cost that meets your budget. Sign up for DataCove today.

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