What Does a Software License Manager do?

For organizations with 300+ licenses, the thought of migrating license data is dreadful. While other solutions, require tedious data entry and arduous data collection, Cubes makes it simple!

We leverage AI and offer a quick and easy Spreadsheet Upload Tool. Our Spreadsheet analyzer, allows you to upload your data in .csv or .xlsx format to quickly migrate your license data. No data entry needed. We’ve streamlined software license data migration to enhance efficiency and take away the nightmare of license management.

Our Alerts system reminds you when a license is due to expire. Never miss a license renewal or forget an expiration data again.

Our renewal button, allows for quick and easy subscription purchases, while our solution inputs the new expiration information automatically.

View your software license inventory clearly. Navigate through all your licenses, see all costs whether single license pricing or aggregate totals. You can alter your data to view department totals, or company-wide costs.

View key license data including Vendor name, Product, Expiration and more. No need to visit various webpages. Cubes allows users to manage licenses from one central location.