Your Business needs Software license management

Why Your Business Needs a Software License Management Tool NOW

Unused software licenses can lead to unnecessary IT spending, a common issue in many IT organizations. Without proper records or systematic tracking, finances can slip through the cracks unnoticed. Inefficient license management results in non-compliance and hefty fines. Cubes helps organizations record and manage software licenses, significantly reducing unwanted IT spending and ensuring audit-readiness.

3 Essential Features

1. Dashboard

Gain a comprehensive overview of all your software licenses with the software dashboard. It features a license cost, license expiration summaries, and more.

2. Centralized License Management

Easily record and manage software licenses from all the sites and locations in your organization in one place. The list view of licenses allows quick access to key information such as the expiration date, license type, number of purchases, and availability. This prevents complexity and helps you track licenses with greater efficiency.

2. Organize and Sort Licenses

Group licenses from a single vendor, such as Microsoft or Adobe, into a suite for streamlined management or view licenses by department.

The benefits of Cubes

Cubes, software license management tool offers a myriad of benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your organization’s IT operations. Cubes streamlines the administrative burden associated with managing software licenses. By centralizing license information and automating many of the tasks involved in license management, such as renewal reminders and usage tracking, organizations can save significant time and resources. This allows IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives rather than being bogged down by manual license management tasks.

In addition to cost and compliance benefits, Cubes enhances decision-making capabilities. With detailed insights organizations can make informed decisions about future software investments and deployments. This data-driven approach helps in negotiating better licensing terms with vendors and in planning for future software needs more accurately.

Finally, the implementation of a software license management tool can improve overall IT governance. By maintaining a well-organized and transparent view of the software assets within the organization, these tools support better governance practices and align IT resources with business objectives. This alignment ensures that the software portfolio is strategically managed to support the organization’s goals and objectives, leading to a more agile and responsive IT infrastructure.

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